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Atmospheric waves workshop

9-10 November
ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL)


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  • When and Where:
    The Atmospheric waves workshop will be held on 9-10 November at the ESTEC establishment of ESA in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
  • Purpose:
    Recently, several experiments on board Venus Express (VEx) have detected waves in Venus atmosphere both as oscillations on the temperature field and as patterns on the cloud layer. Waves were observed at different latitudes and altitudes, in the day and night side hemispheres. The exact nature of these waves and their possible origin still need to be understood. Waves are very important since they can transport energy and momentum within the atmosphere and they could be playing an important role in the maintenance of the atmospheric circulation of Venus, as well as for wind temporal variability observed at various time scales in the mesosphere.

The scope of the workshop is to bring together experts in observations and modelling of atmospheric waves to discuss the nature of waves observed in Venus atmosphere by several experiments on board Venus Express and their comparison to similar features observed on other planets (Mars, Earth).

  • Topics:
    We will try to cover the following topics:
      • Theory
      • Observations (Earth, Venus, Mars)
      • Methods of analysis
      • Modelling
  • Registration:
    There is no registration fee. If you wish to take part to the workshop and to give a talk please send an email to Arianna Piccialli ( before 10th October.

Partial travel support will be available for a limited number of students and young scientists.

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