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28 March 2012

Image #472 - Ultraviolet

1. Observer
Keyword: OBSERVER (String)
Name of the observer.
Name:Giuseppe Monachino
Keyword: COUNTRY (String)
Country name of observer.
Keyword: AFFILIAT (String)
Name of your local institute, observatory, association, club, ...
Keyword: URL (String)
Relevant personal or institutional web site.
2. Location
Keyword: LOCATION (String)
A name for the observing site.
Location name:Morlanwelz
Keyword: MPC_CODE (String)
The code of the observatory as registered with the Minor Planet Center, if applicable.
Keyword: LONGITUD (Float)
The longitude of the observing site in decimal degrees. East is positive, West is negative.
Longitude:4.14 °
Keyword: LATITUDE (Float)
The latitude of the observing site in decimal degrees. North is positive, South is negative.
Latitude:50.27 °
Keyword: HEIGHT (Float)
The height of the observatory above mean sea level in meters.
Height:118 m
3. Sky conditions
Keyword: SKYDESC (String)
General description of the condition of the sky (e.g. thin cirrus, mist, daylight, twilight, dust, high humidity).
Sky description:twilight
Keyword: SEEING (String)
'0' is worst seeing, '10' is excellent seeing (ALPO/Pickering scale).
Keyword: TRANSPAR (String)
'0' is worst transparency, '5' is perfect transparency.
Keyword: VIS_LM (Float)
The naked-eye limiting magnitude (indicating the transparency of the sky). The value should only be approximate (e.g. 5.5 or 6.0).
Limiting magnitude:
Keyword: WIND (String)
Description of the wind (e.g. 'no wind', 'telescope unstable due to heavy wind', ... )
Wind:no wind
Keyword: CLOUDS (String)
The cloud cover, following the standard convention of giving the percentage of cloud cover in eights. '0/8' means clear sky, '4/8' means 50% clouds.
Cloud cover:1/8
4. Telescope
Keyword: TELESCOP (String)
Short description of the telescope.
Telescope name:Skywatcher maksutov 180
Keyword: APER_DIA (Float)
Diameter of aperture in mm.
Aperture diameter:180 mm
Keyword: F_RATIO (String)
The focal ratio of the telescope, e.g. f/10.
Focal ratio:2700
Keyword: OBSTRUC (Float)
Percentage of obstructed area (not applicable for refractors).
Obstructed area:31 %
Keyword: EFF_FLEN (Float)
The effective focal length of the system including all Barlow lenses, eyepiece projections, etc.
Eff. focal length:4500 mm
Keyword: BARLOW (String)
Make, type, and magnification of a Barlow lens, if used. Else use 'N/A'.
Keyword: EYEPIECE (String)
If eyepiece projection was used, specify the make, type, and focal length of eyepiece. Else use 'N/A'.
5. Camera and filter
Keyword: CAMERA (String)
Make and name of the camera. If possible, also provide the make and type of the actual CCD chip.
Camera name:DMK21 with captor ICX618
Keyword: CAMDEPTH (Integer)
The dynamic range of the camera expressed in bits per pixel.
Bit depth:8 bit
Keyword: CAMGAIN (String)
Description of the gain setting of the camera. If the range of the gain is unspecified, then supply a number between 0 (lowest available gain) and 1 (higest available gain). Free text is also allowed (e.g. 'setting C (high)', '20 electrons/DN', ...)
Keyword: FILTER (String)
If your filter is not in the list, give enough information such that a filter transmission curve can be found. Typically this means: Give the name of the manufacturer, a color band (U, V, B, R), any potential other names given to filters by the manufacturer. You may also specify a stack of filters.
Filter:Astrodon UVenus
Keyword: WVRANGE (String)
Principal wavelength transmitted by the filter. One of 'ultraviolet', 'visible', 'infrared' or 'mixed'.
Wavelength range:ultraviolet
6. Exposure
Keyword: TOTNOFRM (Integer)
Total number of frames recorded.
Frames recorded:4500
Keyword: EXPOSURE (Float)
Exposure time of camera in seconds (per frame).
Exposure time:0.0667 s
Keyword: DATE_OBS (Date)
Start time of the exposure in Universal Time (UT = GMT). Format should be 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss' (ISO), for example '2001-01-01T12:34:56'.
Start time (first frame):2012-03-28T17:52:21
Keyword: DATE_END (Date)
End time of the exposure in Universal Time (UT = GMT). Format should be 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss' (ISO), for example '2001-01-01T12:34:56'.
End time (last frame):2012-03-28T17:58:21
Keyword: NORTHDIR (String)
The approximate direction of north in the image. If necessary, specify an angle in degrees counted from the top of the image in clockwise direction
North direction:BOTTOM
Keyword: PRECDIR (String)
The approximate 'preceeding' direction, i.e. the direction into which Venus is moving due to the earth rotation. This will allow to judge whether the image is mirror-image or not. If necessary, specify an angle in degrees counted from the top of the image in clockwise direction
Preceeding direction:LEFT
Keyword: PIXELSCL (Float)
The pixel scale in arcsec per pixel.
Pixel scale:0.21 "/px
7. Image processing
Keyword: PROC_SW (String)
Name and version of the software used for image processing.
Software:Registax 5.1
Keyword: N_FRAMES (Integer)
Number of frames used to obtain the image (only applicable of several frames were stacked use '1' if no stacking was performed).
Frames used:3500
Keyword: DARKFLAG (String)
If dark image was subtracted, set to YES, if not, set to NO.
Dark field:YES
Keyword: FLATFLAG (String)
If flat field was used, set to YES, if not set to NO.
Flat field:NO
Keyword: HISTORY (String)
Short description of important image (post-)processing steps that were applied.
8. Others
Keyword: CREDITS (String)
A (short) text line which should be used when somebody wants to give credit to the image. Example 'D. Koschny (B12), 2007.'
Credit line:G.Monachino (c), 2012
Keyword: COMMENT (String)
General comments about the image or noteworthy features. If the image was used to make a higher level product (e.g. color or composite image), you may provide a link to it here.
9. Image info
Keyword: BITPIX (Integer)
The number of bits per pixel. This keyword is required by the FITS-standard.
Bits per pixel:16
Keyword: NAXIS (Integer)
Number of data axes (2 in the case of a monochrome images). This keyword is required by the FITS-standard.
Keyword: NAXIS1 (Integer)
The number of pixels of the image in the X direction. This keyword is required by the FITS-standard.
X-size:292 px
Keyword: NAXIS2 (Integer)
The number of pixels of the image in the Y direction. This keyword is required by the FITS-standard.
Y-size:272 px
Keyword: STATUS (String)
Status in the VAA. This keyword is automatically set by the VAA.
Keyword: RECEIVED (Date)
Date the image was received. This keyword is automatically set by the VAA.
Keyword: UPDATED (Date)
Last update of the data. This keyword is automatically set by the VAA.
Last update:2012-04-02T05:27:00

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