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Staff Vacancies


The Research and Scientific Suport Department (RSSD) provides scientific support to ESA's science missions in their planning, development and operational phases, it acts as an interlocutor between ESA and the scientific community and undertakes research programmes ranging from Astrophysics to Solar System exploration to Fundamental Physics encompassing instrument research and development, observational astronomy using ground- and space-based facilities, archival research and so on.

Besides at ESTEC, The Netherlands, the Department's staff are also located currently at the ISO Data Centre and XMM Science Operations Centre, Villafranca, Spain, the ST European Coordinating Facility, Garching, Germany, the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA and the SOHO Experiment Operations Facility at Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt, MD, USA.

Staff (PhD level) start on 4-year renewable contracts, while research fellows are usually granted a two-year contract. Positions are open only to nationals of ESA member states.

For further information on vacant positions contact RSSD (tel: +31-71-5653553, fax: +31-71-5654699) or e-mail to C. Bingham

See also 'Staff Vacancies' to submit applications, or send hard copy to Research and Scientific Support Department, ESTEC, P.O. Box 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

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