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RSSD Open Seminars - 2010 Programme

Date Time Title   Speaker Room

29 January 2010 15:00 High-Accuracy Astrometry with Gaia and General Relativity Print Abstract Sergei Klioner, Univ. Dresden Einstein
12 February 2010 15:00 Challenges for Organics Extraction and Detection on Mars Print Abstract Mark Sephton, Imperial College Einstein
26 February 2010 15:00 Extrasolar Planets Print Abstract Haike Rauer, DLR Berlin Einstein
12 March 2010 15:00 Titans Formation: New Insights from Cassini-Huygens Print Abstract Olivier Mousis, Obs. Besançon Einstein
26 March 2010 15:00 Properties of Meteoroids from Different Classes of Parent Bodies Print Abstract Jiri Borovicka, Academy Sci. Czech Rep. Einstein
23 April 2010 Cancelled Modelling Earths Magnetosphere for Science and Space Weather Print Abstract Jimmy Raeder, Univ. of New Hampshire Escape Dance Room
7 May 2010 15:00 Cosmography with Gravitational Waves Print Abstract Chris v.d. Broeck, NIKHEF, Univ. Leiden Einstein
21 May 2010 14:00 The Climates of Planet Mars Print Abstract François Forget, LMD, Université Paris 6 Escape Dance Room
28 May 2010 14:00 The Arrow of Time, Backward Causation, and the Search for the Fundamental Laws of Nature Print Abstract Hoger Bech Nielsen, Niels Bohr Institute Einstein
4 June 2010 15:00 The Magellanic Clouds and the VMC Survey Print Abstract Maria Rosa Cioni, Univ. Hertfordshire Einstein
18 June 2010 15:00 What can We Learn about Mars Interior from Radioscience? Print Abstract Véronique Dehant, Royal Obs. Belgium Einstein
10 September 2010 15:00 Solar Radiation and Particle Induced Escape of the Mars Atmosphere Print Abstract Helmut Lammer, Space Research Institute, AAS Einstein
1 October 2010 15:00 Star Forming Regions and Galactic Structures Print Abstract Karl Menten, MPI for Radioastronomy, Bonn Einstein
15 October 2010 15:00 Titan and Comparative Planetology Print Abstract Jonathan Lunine, Univ. of Arizona / Univ. of Rome Einstein
29 October 2010 15:00 New Probes of the Chemistry in the Inner Regions of Planet-Forming Disks Print Abstract Jeannette Bast, Leiden Observatory Einstein
19 November 2010 15:00 Auroral Measurements in the Acceleration Region Print Abstract Goran Marklund, KTH Royal Inst. of Technology (S) Einstein
3 December 2010 15:00 Testing General Relativity with Astrophysical Objects Print Abstract B. S. Sathyaprakash, Univ. of Cardiff Einstein

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