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RSSD open seminars - 2006 Programme

Date Title   Speaker Room

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24 November 2006 What can The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope do for us? Synergies with Planck and other ESA missions PDF (2 MB) and Powerpoint material (12 MB) Dave Clements, Imperial College, UK Newton 1

17 November 2006 Resolving Saturn's magnetism: the power of electromagnetically inductive reasoning David Southwood, D/SCI, ESA HQ, Paris, France Einstein

10 November 2006 The Venus express mission: first results PDF (10 MB) and Powerpoint material (33 MB) Håkan Svedhem, Venus Express project scientist, RSSD/ESTEC, The Netherlands Einstein

27 October 2006 From Active regions to Zonal flows - 10 Years of Discoveries with SOHO PDF (3 MB) and Powerpoint material (16 MB),
MPEG movies: The Multi Sun (16 MB), 3D Sunspot (12 MB)
Daniel Mueller, SOHO Deputy Project Scientist European Space Agency c/o NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA Fresnel

23 October 2006 The search for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars Uffe Gråe Jørgensen, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Einstein

13 October 2006 Surprises in the high-energy sky: the detection of hard X-rays from anomalous X-ray pulsars with INTEGRAL and RXTE PDF (6 MB) and Powerpoint material (7 MB) Lucien Kuiper, SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands Newton 1

29 September 2006 [Colloquium] Mars Exploration with Humans and Robots: Personal Reflections and Future Directions PDF (6 MB) and Powerpoint material (26 MB)
Movie 1 (55 MB)
, Movie 2 (17 MB)
Scott Hubbard, SETI institute, former director of NASA AMES research center (2002-2006), California, USA Newton

08 September 2006 ESA role in the Astronomical Virtual Observatory PDF (5 MB) Christophe Arviset, RSSD/ESAC, Spain Einstein

30 June 2006 New Horizons: NASA's Pluto-Kuiper Belt mission PDF (24 MB) Daniel Mege, University of Nantes, France Fresnel 1

16 June 2006 Birkeland: the first space scientist PDF (37 MB) Alv Egeland, University of Oslo, Norway Fresnel 1

19 May 2006 Science to be done with the Attacama Large Millimeter Array: synergies with Herschel and other ESA missions PDF (1 MB) Tom Wilson, European Southern Observatory (ESO), Germany Fresnel 1

05 May 2006 [Colloquium D-SCI+D-TEC] Mission of the century: the Voyagers odyssey and the recent exploration of the termination shock and heliosheath PDF (9 MB) Stamatios M. Krimigis, Academy of Athens, Greece and John Hopkins University, USA Newton

07 April 2006 Atomic clocks: testing fundamental laws of physics in space PDF (22 MB) Luigi Cacciapuoti, RSSD/ESTEC, The Netherlands Einstein

24 March 2006 Extra-planar X-ray emitting gas in spiral galaxies PDF (10 MB) Matthias Ehle, RSSD/ESAC, Spain Fresnel 1

10 March 2006 Deep Impact: excavating comet Tempel 1 PDF (08 MB) Michael F. A'Hearn, University of Maryland, USA Fresnel 1

24 February 2006 Huygens 1 year after touchdown: results PDF (21 MB) Jonathan Lunine, University of Arizona (USA) and INAF/IFSI, Rome (Italy) Fresnel 1

10 February 2006 Sun - Earth connection observed in 3D with Cluster: 5 years of Cluster results PDF (4 MB) Philippe Escoubet, Cluster project scientist, RSSD/ESTEC, THe Netherlands Fresnel 1

27 January 2006 INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton view of the galactic center region PDF (5 MB) Andrea Goldwurm, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Saclay, France Fresnel 1

13 January 2006 The SSETI programme PDF (1 MB) and the SSETI express mission PDF (1 MB) Tor Viscor, Manager of the SSETI-community and Neil Melville, SSETI Express project manager, ESA Education Office Fresnel 1

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