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RSSD Seminar Series - 2005 Programme

Date Title   Speaker Room

09 December 2005 Highlights from INTEGRAL - 3 years after launch Christoph Winkler, INTEGRAL project scientist, RSSD/ESTEC Fresnel 1

25 November 2005 Subsurface and ionosphere sounding of the Mars northern hemisphere by MARSIS Giovanni Picardi, University of Rome La Sapienza (MARSIS PI) Fresnel 1

11 November 2005 Integral broad-band spectroscopy of cyclotron line sources: Vela X-1 and 1A0535+262 Peter Kretschmar INTEGRAL deputy project scientist (RSSD/ESAC) Einstein

28 October 2005 Ulysses: exploring the heliosphere in four dimensions Richard Marsden (RSSD/ESTEC) Fresnel 1

7 October 2005 Planetary Rings Imke de Pater (UC Berkeley) Fresnel 1

30 September 2005 To the Moon and beyond: Physics and Science fiction [Colloquium] Nobel prize winner, G. t Hooft (Utrecht university) Newton

9 September 2005 Cryogenic detectors for the X-ray astronomy missions Suzaku and Constellation-X Caroline A. Kilbourne (NASA-GSFC) Fresnel 1

8 July 2005 Radio-tracking of the Huygens probe Leonid Gurvits (JIVE Institute) Newton

27 May 2005 GENESIS and the isotopic composition of the Sun Bernard Marty (Centre de Recherches Petrographiques et Geochimiques) Fresnel 1

13 May 2005 Antarctic interferometry and exoplanet science Mark Swain (Grenoble University) Fresnel 1

29 April 2005 Star formation in space and time Francesco Palla (INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri) Fresnel 1

8 April 2005 Molecular gastronomy: soft matter at fine taste. Thomas A. Vilgis (Max-Planck-Institut for Polymer Research, Mainz) Fresnel 1

18 March 2005 The XMM-Newton view of an optically defined sample of quasars Elena Jimenez-Bailon (ESAC) Fresnel 1

4 March 2005 [CANCELLED] Discovery of the Largest Impact Crater Field on Earth in the Gilf Kebir Region, Egypt [CANCELLED] Fresnel 1

18 February 2005 Habitable zones in the solar system and in extrasolar planetary systems Siegfried Franck (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) EINSTEIN

4 February 2005 Magnetospheric accretion, shocks and disk irradiation in low-mass young stellar objects: assembling the puzzle with XMM and Chandra Fabio Favata (RSSD) Fresnel 1

21 January 2005 Single-photon sensitive imaging with hybrid pixel detectors Jan Visschers (NIKHEF Amsterdam) Fresnel 1

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