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RSSD Seminar Series - 2003 Programme

Date Title   Speaker Room

5 December XMM-Newton observations of Globular Clusters in X-rays D. Barret (CESR Toulouse) Fresnel 1

21 November COLLOQUIUM: Drilling the Chicxulub dinosaur killer crater - how a meteorite impact changed our world J. Smit (Vrije Univ. Amsterdam) NEWTON

07 November What is XMM-Newton telling us on the unified scenario for Active Galactic Nuclei? M. Guainazzi (ESA/VILSPA) Einstein

24 October X-ray Emission and Origin of Runaway Stars E. Meurs (Director - Dunsink Obs.) Fresnel 1

10 October The Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA) W. Wild (Groningen Univ.) Fresnel 1

26 September

The Young Earth: a different planet Tanja Zegers (RSSD) Fresnel 1

12 September Magellan Mission to Venus: What did we learn about venus’ surface tectonics and history? P. Rosenblatt (Belgium Royal Obs.) Fresnel 1

11 July Mysteries of the "forgotten planet" D. Titov
(MPIE Lindau)
Fresnel 1

4 July Halo gas in spiral galaxies F. Fraternali (ASTRON Dwingeloo) Fresnel 1

20 June Measurement of polarisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background L. Piccirillo (Univ. of Wales) Fresnel 1

23 May Optical and infrared interferometry A. Quirrenbach (Sterrewacht Leiden) Fresnel 1

09 May COLLOQUIUM:The Search for the Complete History of the Cosmos N. Turok (Cambridge University) Newton

25 April Measuring the gas content of galaxies: the effects of a higher H2 formation rate P. Papadopoulos (University College London, Leiden Observatory) Fresnel 1

28 March The transition phase of AGB stars to Planetary Nebulae as seen by ISO P. Garcia Lario (RSSD-VILSPA) Fresnel 2

14 March Near Infrared remote sensing of icy and mineral regolith by imaging spectroscopy [AP] S. Doute (Grenoble) Fresnel 1

28 February Luminosity Functions of Young Stellar Clusters T. Prusti (RSSD) Fresnel 1

-- Long term variations in the Sun and heliosphere and their influence on climate - CANCELLED! - M. Lockwood (RAL) Fresnel 1

14 February Cluster results and future multi-satellite mission concepts H. Laakso (RSSD) Fresnel 1

31 January NASAs Far-IR/Submillimeter Roadmap Missions [GP] D. Leisawith (NASA Goddard) Fresnel 1

17 January An observational view on the variability of disks around pre-main sequence stars [MF] C. Eiroa (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Fresnel 1

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