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RSSD Seminar Series - 2002 Programme

Date Title Speaker Room

13 December HYPER - precision cold atom interferometry in space" [RR] W. Ertmer (Hannover) Fresnel 1

29 November Cosmological Lensing [KB] M. Barthelman (MPe) Fresnel 1

15 November Long Term Variations in the Sun and the Heliosphere and their Influence on Climate [BF] M. Lockwood (RAL) Einstein

1 November Search for Aromatic Cations in Interstellar Space [BHF] N. Boudin (SCI-SR) Fresnel 1

4 October Massive Stars: Observations versus Theoretical Simulations [AG] D. Vanbeveren (Brussels) Fresnel 2

17 September Discontinuous Cusp: a spatial or temporal feature?" [TS] K.-H. Trattner (Lockheed) Newton 1

6 September Astrominerology [BHF] F. Molster (SCI-SR) Fresnel 1

28 June Research with HST A. Nota or D. Macchetto (STScI) Fresnel 1

14 June Search for Exoplanets D. Queloz (Obs. Geneva) Fresnel 1

31 May Serendipity in Science: using Microwave Wind Scatterometers for Non-wind Applications M. Drinkwater (Earth Obs) Fresnel 1

17 May Networking of information: towards a virtual observatory P. Benvenuti (ST-ECF) Fresnel 1

12 April Water in Europa: evidence from surface composition obtained by Galileo T. McCord (Univ. Hawaii) Fresnel 1

22 March Re-ionizing the Universe: Why? When? How? P. Jakobsen(SCI-SA ) Einstein

8 March MESSENGER Mission to Mercury J. Slavin (NASA/GSFC) Copernicus 14.00

22 February Herbig-Haro objects: a new class of astrophysical X-ray sources F. Favata (SCI-SA) Fresnel 1

8 February Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces: composition from gamma-ray, neutron and X spectrometry S. Maurice (Obs. Midi-Pyrenées) Fresnel 1

25 January Observations of the Sky with the ISOCAM Parallel Mode S. Ott (Vilspa) Fresnel 1

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