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SSO Open Seminars - 2014 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room

- - - Print Abstract - -
5th December 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract Dr. P. Rosenblatt (Royal Observatory of Belgium) Einstein
21st November 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract -- Escape Dance Room
31st October 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract -- Escape Dance Room
17th October 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract -- Einstein
26th September 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract -- Einstein
12th September 2014 15:00 -- Print Abstract -- Newton 1
13th June 2014 15:00 THE INSIGHT 2016 GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY MISSION Print Abstract Dr. P. Lognonne (IPG, Paris) Einstein
23rd May 2014 15:00 Unveiling exoplanet atmospheres with high-resolution spectroscopy Print Abstract M. Brogi (Leiden Obs., NL) Einstein
09th May 2014 15:00 The role of ridges in high mass star formation: super filaments hosting protostars Print Abstract Dr. Tracy Hill (Alma, Cl) Einstein
11th April 2014 15:00 The Variable Sky as seen by GAIA Print Abstract Dr. Laurent Eyer (Univ. Geneva, Switzerland) Einstein
28th March 2014 15:00 Detecting Space - The Why and What of ESA's Space Surveillance Programme Print Abstract Emmet Fletcher (ESA) Newton 1
14th March 2014 15:00 The Hierarchical Origins of Observed Galaxy Morphology Print Abstract Dr. Dave Wilman (Max Planck Institute, Germany) Dance Room (escape)
28th February 2014 15:00 Comet ISON: A Retrospective Look at a Unique Comet Print Abstract Dr Matthew Knight (Lowell Observatory, USA) Einstein
14th February 2014 15:00 The James Webb Space Telescope mission Print Abstract Dr Pierre Ferruit (ESA) Einstein
31st January 2014 15:00 #WakeUpRosetta AND THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCIENCE COMMUNICATIONS Print Abstract Emily baldwin (ESA) Newton 1
17th January 2014 15:00 Magnetic reconnection in the Solar System Print Abstract Dr Andris Vaivads (Swedish Institute of Space Physics) Einstein

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