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Schedule 2014





28 Nov 15:00




14 Nov 15:00

ROSETTA updates: Are we orbiting? Did we land?

Team Rosetta

Escape dance Room

24 Oct 15:00

Comet Siding Spring

Team Mars Express

Escape dance Room

10 Oct 15:00

Detection of Ultra Faint Dwarf Galaxies with Gaia 

Teresa Antoja

Escape dance Room

19 Sept 15:00




05 Sept 15:00


Emmanuel Grotheer

Newton 1

04 Jul 15:00

The bubbling Galactic disk

Kazi Rygl


 06 Jun 15:00

Herschel - science highlights

Göran Pilbratt

 Escape dance Room

16 May 15:00

Detection of Ultra Faint Dwarf Galaxies with Gaia (postponed)^

Teresa Antoja


 04 Apr 15:00

Space weather II: causes of major geomagnetic storms

Primoz Kajdic


 21 Mar 15:00

Stormy space weather at Mars and Venus in 2012

Andrea Opitz


 07 Mar  15:00

Human space flight and Hubble

Steve Smith

 Escape dance Room

 07 Feb  15:00

A search for transit timing variation

Stefanie Raetz


24 Jan 15:00

Intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters

Nora Lützgendorf




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 Internal Seminars from previous years:

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Information about Internal Seminars

Where? When? What?

The seminars will take place in Newton, Einstein or Escape Dance Room, on Friday afternoons at 15:00, according to the timetable above.

There will be two types of talk:

For new staff, in particular RFs:

The idea is that within the first month of entering the department, the new RFs should give a 20-30 minute presentation in order to introduce themselves to the staff. Subjects are open but the talk could be used to explain what you have worked on and what you plan to do at ESTEC (if you already know) in a few words.

For veteran RFs and scientists:

The idea is even simpler. If you have been here for one or two years - what did you achieve (or try to)? A 30 minute talk and 10 minutes for questions should be sufficient to convince people you had a lot of fun working at the RSSD!

Instructions for speakers

Speakers are asked to provide the organizers (Sebastien Besse) with an abstract and a short biography (PhD topic and institute for RFs, fields of research and interest) at least two weeks before the talk so as we can send out the announcement and update the timetable.

Material provided

We can provide you with everything required for your presentation: Overhead, video projector, computer, conventional pointer, laser pointer. Please send a note to the organisers to request the material you need, preferably not two minutes before the talk.



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