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Travelling to ESTEC and ESAC


European Space Research and Technology Centre
Keplerlaan 1
Po Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Main Telephone +31 (0)71 565 6565
Getting to ESTEC from Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam

From Schiphol Airport you can either get a taxi direct to ESTEC (the one-way fare is approximately € 60). Alternatively you can take the train from the airport to Leiden (trains leave every 15 minutes) and then get a taxi or bus from Leiden to ESTEC. For train times and current ticket prices consult the Nederlands Spoorwegen journey planner and use 'Schiphol' and 'Leiden' on the form.

If coming by car from the airport take the A4 motorway south towards Den Haag until you reach the A44. Take the A44 until exit 6 signposted for Noordwijk and Voorhout. At the bottom of the slip road are some traffic lights with a second set of lights at a cross-roads just beyond. Turn right at these second lights taking the road going to Voorhout (soon finding a canal on your left). On encountering the next set of traffic lights (on a bridge) go straight on following the road to Noordwijk with the canal now on the right. Pass under the N206 and carry straight on to Noordwijk. Turn left at the first set of lights and follow a road which eventually reaches a small roundabout. Go straight on at this roundabout and about 500 m further on you must turn right onto a road which is signposted for ESTEC. Follow this road, going straight across another roundabout and on until the road bends to the left and you turn right into the signposted ESTEC access road.

Driving to ESTEC from the South/Leiden

From the A44 or from Leiden take the N206 until you are past the exits signposted for Katwijk. Take the exit signposted for Rijnsburg which is also signposted for ESTEC. At the end of the exit road turn left and left again, crossing over the N206. At the roundabout follow the signs to ESTEC, taking the Keizerweg through an industrial estate. You should reach another roundabout with a Ford garage on your right. Turn left at this roundabout and follow the road until it bends to the left and you turn right into the signposted ESTEC access road.

Taking the bus from Leiden

If you intend to make use of the public bus service buying a ticket ("strippenkaart") for example at the train station is significantly cheaper than buying it on the bus itself. For up-to-date information on bus times it is best to enquire at the the Conexxion bus office, located in the Leiden Station complex.




European Space Astronomy Centre
PO Box 78
Main Telephone +34 (0)91 813 1100

Getting to ESAC from Barajas Airport of Madrid

Approximate Time: 40 minutes in non-peak hours
Distance: 45 km

Madrid Barajas Airport is located 15 km North-East of the city and is linked to Madrid by the M-11 highway. The best option to reach ESAC from Madrid Airport is by car, a trip of 45 km, taking about 40 minutes in non-peak hours (avoid such trip between 18:00 and 20:00). In addition, there is further information about the Transport Information System of Madrid. There are no hotels near the site, but visitors can either stay in Madrid, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, or in Majadahonda/Las Rozas. The following information indicates the way to ESAC, illustrated by a set of detailed clickable maps below.

1. Exit Madrid Barajas Airport and follow signs Madrid and M-40 in the direction of Zaragoza and Feria de Madrid. You are on the M-11 going toward the M-40.
2. Exit the M-11 highway to the right onto the M-40 Norte at the junction indicating M-40 A-1 E-5 Burgos and A-6 A Coruna.
3. Continue on the M-40 for about 23 km.
4. Take exit 41 to the right toward M-503 Majadahonda and Villanueva de la Canada.
5. Keep right onto M-503 towards Villanueva de la Canada. Exit (exit number 9) onto ramp indicating Villanueva de la Canada.
6. At the roundabout take the road indicating M-503 Villanueva de la Canada.
7. Drive about 5 minutes until the Villafranca and ESA exit which leads you to a round about where you take the third exit towards ESA. 

Locations of ESAC,
Cebreros and Barajas Airport
with respect to Madrid

Barajas to ESAC route

M-11 to M-40 route

M-40 to M-503 route

M-503(M-50) to M-503 route

M-503 to ESAC route
Getting to ESAC from Madrid City Centre
Follow the signs to the A-6 (N-VI) highway in the direction of Villalba. Exit the A-6 (N-VI) highway at Junction 11 onto the M-40 highway towards Toledo, Talavera, N-IV, N-V. Continue along the M-40 for approximately 4 km.

Exit the M-40 highway at Junction 41 onto the M-503 towards M-503, Majadahonda. Continue on the M-503 for approximately 5 km. Exit the M-503 highway at Junction 9 towards Villanueva de la Canada. Although you have left the highway you are still on the M-503. Drive about 5 minutes until the Villafranca and ESA exit which leads you to a round about where you take the third exit towards ESA.

Getting to Cebreros from ESAC

Approximate Time: 01 h 15 min
Distance: 65 km


  • Depart ESAC facilities and drive on the private road until you reach the roundabout, turn left onto: Villanueva de la Cañada / M-503
    continue along M-503
    turn right onto: M-853 for 3.5 km


  • At Mirador del Romero
    continue along M-853 for 1 km
    continue along M-600 for 3 km
    At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit M-510
    continue along M-510 for 1.6 km


  • Close to: Valdemorillo
    turn left onto: M-510 for 7.5 km


  • At Navalagamella
    turn right onto: Calle de la Amargura / M-521 for 200 m
    turn right onto: M-521 for 13 km


  • At Robledo de Chavela
    turn left onto: Paseo de la Antigua / M-512 for 400 m
    continue along M-512 for 4 km
    turn right onto: M-539 for 6 km
    continue along AV-562 for 4 km
    turn left onto: ESA Satellite Tracking Station
Accomodations near ESAC


Here are some suggestions. Other hotels can be found via this link.

Information on hostels (cheaper) in the area can be found here.

Hotels in Madrid

Hotel Florida Norte ****
Paseo de la Florida, 5
Tel: +34 91 542.83.00
Fax: +34 91 547.78.33

Hotel Principe Pio ***
Cuesta de San Vicente, 14
Tel: +34 91 547.08.00
Fax: +34 91 541.11.17

Hotel Regente ***
Mesonero Romanos, 9
Tel: +34 91 521.29.41
Fax: +34 91 532.30.14

Hotels in San Lorenzo de El Escorial


Hotel Victoria Palace ****
C/ Juán de Toledo, 4
Tel: +34 91 896.98.90
Fax: +34 91 896.98.96
Hotel Miranda & Suizo ***
C/ Floridablanca, 18
Tel: +34 91 890.47.11
Fax: +34 91 890.43.58
Hotel Florida ***
C/ Floridablanca, 12
Tel: +34 91 890.17.21
Fax: +34 91 890.17.15
Hotel Los Lanceros ***
C/ Calvario 47 y 49
Tel: +34 91 890.80.11
Fax: +34 91 896.10.86
Hotel Parrilla Principe *
C/ Floridablanca, 6
Tel: +34 91 890.16.11
Fax: +34 91 890.76.01
Hotel Tres Arcos *
C/Juan de Toledo, 42
Tel: +34 91 890.68.97
Fax: +34 91 890.79.97


Hotels in Majadahonda - Las Rozas

Hotel Majadahonda ****
Carretera Boadilla del Monte a Majadahonda, Km. 7,300
Tel: +34 91 638 21 22
Fax: +34 91 638 21 57

Aparthotel NH Las Rozas ***
Camino viejo de Madrid, 38
Las Rozas - Madrid
Tel: +34 91 637 09 00
Fax: +34 91 637 01 50

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