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   2015 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 8-10 Jun The Extremes of Black Hole Accretion  J. Ness  ESAC, Spain
   2014 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 16-23 Jun The X-ray Universe 2014  J. Ness  Dublin, Ireland
   2013 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 20-25 Oct School 'Planet Mars 4'  O. Witasse  Les Houches, France
 10-13 Sep Science Operations 2013: "Working Together in Support of Science"  D. Lennon  ESAC, Spain
 1-3 July EChO Open Science Workshop  K. Isaak  ESTEC, Netherlands
 3-4 June The science of MarcoPolo-R  D. Koschny  ESTEC, Netherlands
 22-24 May The Fast and the Furious: Energetic Phenomena in Isolated Neutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Supernova Remnants  J. Ness  ESAC, Spain
 3-5 Apr Spectral/timing properties of accreting objects: from X-ray binaries to AGN  M. Giustini, S.Motta, E. Nespoli  ESAC, Spain
 21 Jan Star and Planet Formation Workshop  C. Alves de Oliveira  ESAC, Spain
   2012 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 15-17 Aug Frontiers of Star Formation  E. Winston  ESTEC, Netherlands
 25-27 Jun Tidal Disruption events and AGN outbursts workshop  R. Saxton  ESAC, Spain
 21-23 May Galaxy Clusters as Giant Cosmic Laboratories  J. Ness  ESAC, Spain
 10-13 Sep Growing-up at high redshift: from proto-clusters to galaxy clusters  B. Altieri  ESAC, Spain
   2011 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 14-16 Sep The Starburst-AGN Connection under the Multiwavelength Limelight  M. Guainazzi  ESAC, Spain
 9-10 Nov Atmospheric waves workshop  A. Piccialli  ESTEC, Netherlands
 23-25 Nov Inter-Departmental Science Workshop 2011  P. Martin  Toledo, Spain

Further Information

Conferences from previous years can be viewed here: 2001-2010 Conferences

The ESA corporate website also has a List of Conferences Organised at ESTEC.

Another useful list is the The International Astronomy Meetings List compiled and maintained by the CADC.

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