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   2010 Conferences    
 Date  Title  Contact  Venue
 14-26 May Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources and Middle Weight Black Holes  M. Diaz Trigo  ESAC, Spain
 27-30 Sep "The restless gamma-ray universe" 8th INTEGRAL workshop  C. Winkler  Dublin, Ireland
 29 Sep - 01 Oct Charge Exchange Madrid  A. Pollock  ESAC, Spain
   2009 Conferences    
Date Title Contact Venue
 24-25 Mar Herschel Data Processing Spectroscopy Workshop  P. Garcia-Lario  ESAC, Spain
 27-27 Mar Herschel Data Processing Photometry/Mapping Workshop  P. Garcia-Lario  ESAC, Spain
 11-15 May 17th Cluster Workshop  C.P. Escoubet  Uppsala, Sweden
 11-15 May International Conference on Comparative Planetology: Venus - Earth - Mars  A. Chicarro  ESTEC, Netherlands
 18-20 May XMM-Newton Workshop on Supersoft X-ray Sources  M. Diaz Trigo  ESAC, Spain
 24-29 May 3rd Solar Orbiter Workshop  R. Marsden  Sorrento, Italy
 22-26 Jun EURO-VO Workshop on how to publish data in the VO
 D. Baines  ESAC, Spain
 09-11 Sep ESA-CONSTELLATION Workshop on the Formation of Brown Dwarfs  L. Spezzi  ESTEC, Netherlands
 14-19 Sep 18th Cluster/Double Star Workshop  C.P. Escoubet  Quigdao, China
 24-25 Sep Inter-Departmental Science Workshop 2009  P. Kretschmar  ESAC, Spain
 13-17 Oct "The Extreme Sky": Sampling the Universe above 10 keV. A workshop to celebrate seven years of INTEGRAL  C. Winkler  Otranto, Italy
 01-03 Dec PV2009 Ensuring Long-Term Preservation and Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data  C. Arviset  ESAC, Spain
   2008 Conferences    
Date Title Contact Venue
25-27 Jan Nuclear Star Clusters across the Hubble Sequence T. Boeker Heidelberg, Germany
13-18 Apr EGU Annual Meeting Various Vienna, Austria
21-23 Apr Mars Water Cycle Workshop O. Witasse Paris, France
06-09 May 2nd Heliospheric Network Workshop R. Marsden Kefalonia, Greece
27-30 May The X-ray Universe 2008 M. Ehle Granada, Spain
21-27 Jun 6th International Planetary Probe Workshop J.-P. Lebreton. O. Witasse Atlanta, Georgia, USA
13-20 Jul 37th COSPAR Scientific Assembly Various Montreal, Canada
08-11 Sep 7th INTEGRAL Workshop: An INTEGRAL view of Compact Objects C. Winkler Copenhagen, Denmark
21-26 Sep European Planetary Science Congress (EUROPlanet) J.-P. Lebreton Muenster, Germany
29 Sep - 02 Oct 400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes: A review of History, Science & Technology D. Koschney ESTEC, Netherlands
10-14 Nov ESLAB Symposium 'Cosmic cataclysms and Life' N. Andre ESRIN, Italy
10-13 Nov 3rd International Workshop on Mars'Atmospheres - Modelling and Data O. Witasse Williamsberg, USA
   2007 Conferences    
Date Title Contact Venue
16-17 Jan SMART-1 Workshop: Technology Demonstration    
29 May - 01 Jun ESLAB 41 - Impact of HST on European Astronomy G. De Marchi ESTEC, Netherlands
23-29 Jun 5th International Planetary Probe Workshop J.P. Lebreton Bordeaux, France
05-07 Sep X-Rays from Nearby Galaxies S. Carpano ESAC, Spain
17-19 Oct Five Years of Integral C. Winkler Sardinia, Italy
12-16 Nov European Mars Science & Exploration Conference: Mars Express and ExoMars A. Chicarro ESTEC, Netherlands
   2006 Conferences    
Date Title Contact Venue
18-20 Apr CMB and Physics of the Early Universe J. Tauber Ischia, Italy
07-12 May SOHO-17: 10 years of SOHO and Beyond B. Fleck Taormina, Italy
08-12 May 40th ESLAB Symposium - First International Conference on Impact Cratering in the Solar System Agustin Chicarro ESTEC, Netherlands
26-28 Jun Variable and Broad Iron Lines around Black Holes Matthias Ehle ESAC, Spain
28 May - 2 Jun Planetary Sciences: Challenges and Discoveries J.-P. Lebreton Blois, France
27-30 Jun International Planetary Probe Workshop J.-P. Lebreton Pasadena, USA
02-08 Jul The 6th INTEGRAL (International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) workshop `The Obscured Universe' Christoph Winkler IKI, Moscow, Russia
25-27 Sep SIGRAV School on "Experimental Gravitation In Space" L. Cacciapuoti GGI, Firenze, Italy
28-30 Sep International Workshop on "Advances in Precision Tests and Experimental Gravitation in Space" L. Cacciapuoti GGI, Firenze, Italy
04-08 Dec The Extreme Universe in the Suzaku Era A. Parmar Kyoto, Japan
   2005 Conferences    
Date Title Contact Venue
18-21 Jan INTEGRAL Workshop C. Winkler ESTEC, Netherlands
21-25 Feb 1st Mars Express Science Conference Agustin Chicarro ESTEC, Netherlands
07-09 Mar 9th Cluster Workshop P. Escoubet Velizy, France
19-21 Apr 39th ESLAB - Trends in Space Science and Cosmic Vision 2020 F. Favata ESTEC, Netherlands
12-17 Jun Solar Wind II/SOHO 16 B. Fleck Whistler, Canada
27 Jun - 1 Jul 3rd International Planetary Probe Workshop J.-P. Lebreton, O. Witasse Greece
19-28 Jul Summer School Alpbach 2005 Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the Universe A. Gimenez, Roger Elaerts Alpbach/Tyrol, Austria
12-16 Sep 11th European Solar Physics Meeting B. Fleck Brussels, Belgium
18-23 Sep International Lunar Conference B. Foing Toronto, Canada
19-23 Sep 10th Cluster Workshop P. Escoubet ESTEC, Netherlands
26-30 Sep The X-Ray Universe 2005 N. Schartel El Escorial, Spain
02-07 Oct 2005 ADASS Conference   El Escorial, Spain
10-11 Oct ACES 2005, Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space Workshop L. Cacciapuoti ESTEC, NL
   2004 Conferences    
Title RSSD Contact Venue
16 January 2004 SIRTF Observation Preparation
Planning Workshop
Göran Pilbrat ESTEC, NL
13-17 April 2004 TITAN from Discovery to Encounter Jean-Pierre Lebreton ESTEC, NL
26-29 July 2004 Dust Disks and the Formation, Evolution and Detection of Habitable Planets M. Fridlund San Diego, California
4-7 October 2004 Gaia Symposium:
The Three Dimensional Universe with Gaia
M. Perryman Observatoire de
   2003 Conferences    
Title RSSD Contact Venue
9-11 April Stellar Structure and Habitable Planet Finding - The Second Eddington Workshop G.Micela, F.Favata, S.Sciortino, L.Daricello, S.Orlando, G.Liggio, S.Vitale Palermo, Italy
6-11 April

EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly

A. Chicarro, B. Foing, G. Schwehm, H. Svedhem, P. Escoubet, A. Gimenez) Nice
22-25 April Towards Other Earths (DARWIN/TPF) M. Fridlund Heidelberg
23-28 June Solar Variability as an Input to Earth’s Environment B. Fleck Slovakia
6-9 July GUCS2003 - Annual Dust Workshop H. Svedhem ESTEC, NL
13-26 July Joint Discussion 2: Mercury R. Schulz General Assembly Sydney, Australia
1-4 Sept

New Perspectives for Post-Herschel Far Infra-Red Astronomy from Space

G. Pilbratt Madrid
29 Sept - 3 Oct Sixth Cluster Workshop H. Laakso ESTEC, NL
6-9 October Planetary Probe Entry and Descent Trajectory Analysis and Science Jean-Pierre Lebreton Lisbon
02-04 December Eslab 37: Tools and Technologies for Future Planetary Exploration Jens Romstedt ESTEC, NL
15th – 17th December CODATA / ERPANET
International Archiving Workshop on the Selection, Appraisal and Retention of Digital Scientific Data

Joy Davidson
U. of Glasgow
(Contact via the Workshop Web Site)

Lisbon, PL
   2002 Conferences    
Date Title Speaker Room
14-16 January New Views of the Moon, Europe D. Heather DLR, Berlin, D
21-25 January Cometary Science after Hale-Bopp, IAU 186 R. Schulz Tenerife, E
5-8 March 2nd Cluster Workshop H. Laakso ESTEC, NL
22-26 April XXVII General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society (EGS)   Nice, F
  ST22-Ulysses at Solar Maximum R.G. Marsden  
  GI3.01/ST/PS-Open Session on instrumentation H. Svedhem  
  PS2-Mars exploration programmes A. Chicarro  
  PS4-Lunar exploration B.H. Foing  
  PS6.01-Comets and asteroids G. Schwehm  
  ERE4/PS-Risk assessment and implications of NEO impacts B.H. Foing  
  ERE5-Challenges and Outreach in Geophysics for Young Geoscientists B.H. Foing  
4-7 March ESO-CERN-ESA Symposium on Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics A. Gimenez Garching, D
5-9 May Astrophysics of Life A. Nota ST ScI, US
3-8 June Earth-like Planets and Moons (ESLAB-36) B.H. Foing ESTEC, NL
17-21 June Conference on Jupiter J.-P. Lebreton Lisbon, PT
24-27 June Exploiting the ISO Data Archive: Infrared Astronomy in the Internet Age   Parador de Siguenza, ES
29 July - 2 August Asteroids, Comets and Meteors G. Schwehm  
9-13 September 11th UN/ESA Workshop on Basic Space Science: World Space Observatory and Virtual Observatories in the era of 10m telescopes W. Wamsteker Cordoba, Argentina
10-20 October COSPAR/IAF World Space Congress B.H. Foing
R.G. Marsden
C.P. Escoubet
Houston, US
   2001 Conferences    
Date Title RSSD Contact Venue
26-30 November New Visions of the X-ray Universe in the XMM-Newton and Chandra era F. Jansen ESTEC, NL
10-14 December Fall AGU Cluster special session (2 days) C.P. Escoubet San Francisco, US


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