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Lost your username or password?

If you have just been issued with a brand new user account OR if you are having problems with your username or password for any of the following applications:

  • Research Science (SRE) Web Portal ( and
  • SRE Cosmos Web Portal (
  • SRE Central Authentication Services (CAS) (
  • Livelink (This only applies if you have a PERSONAL Livelink account)
  • Mantis and MantisSCR (Planck/IDIS)
  • CVS (Planck/IDIS)

Then you are able to use the password reset facility located on our Central Authentication Server (CAS).

For any other password-protected applications or modules you will need to contact the application/project administrator directly. For your convenience we have provided below a list of those systems and contacts which we know about. This list may not be complete.

  • Restricted project pages on the Research Science Web Site - Project Administrator
    (Please remember that you will only gain access to Restricted pages if you are entitled to view the information in that particular project area.)
  • Rosetta Commissioning Log - Detlef Koschny
  • WebDB Builder - Martin Bremer
  • Private project Wikis - Project Administrator
  • SVN repositories - Project Administrator

If the application with which you are having problems is not listed above, you may need to go back and check the login page for that specific program or script. You will often find a link to the application support or admin on that page. We are sorry we were unable to help from here.


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This page was first created on 21 September, 2004 and was last updated on 14 November, 2014.
Password Synchronization

The RSSD Web Portal provides a single login facility to simplify access to several other applications within this site.

The login facility has detected that you have passwords to one or more of these other systems (Livelink, Mantis, CVS, etc.) which do not match your current LDAP password.

By clicking on [SYNCHRONIZE] you will be able to reset all these passwords and bring them into line with your main portal password with no further effort on your part.

Synchronizing Passwords - Please Wait

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