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SMART-1: The first Small Mission for Advanced Research in Technology

SMART-1 is the first of the SMART series introduced in the ESA Scientific Programme to prepare the technology for future Cornerstone missions. SMART-1 demonstrated the use of Solar Electric Primary Propulsion (SEPP). SEPP will have applications for the Mercury cornerstone. Future deep space missions, such as a Solar Corona Probe/Polar Orbiter, the IR interferometric cornerstone, and LISA will benefit from the timely development of SEPP technology. Several other technologies are being tested on SMART-1, involving spacecraft subsystems, SEPP diagnostics, and instruments that will be useful for a wide range of future missions.

Concept of the SMART-1 spacecraft in lunar orbit.

For more information about the SMART-1 Mission you can visit the SMART-1 General Project Pages on the Sci-Tech Portal.

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