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Venus Express VIRTIS and VMC Data Workshop
12-15 May 2014, ESAC, Madrid, Spain

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The overall goal of the workshop is to introduce users to the data returned by the VIRTIS and VMC instruments of the Venus Express orbiter.

Scientific and technical lectures will be provided, as well as hands-on data processing exercises, with expert members of the VIRTIS and VMC instrument teams providing direct support on the best ways in which to calibrate and use their data for science.

This workshop will:
  • Introduce the PSA and explain how to find data of interest.
  • Discuss the different calibrations and corrections applied to the data, and available geometry information.
  • Present tools and software available to analyse and use the data for scientific applications
with focus on:

VIRTIS (Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer) data
  • Instrument description;
  • Overview of scientific goals;
  • Description of calibration, geometry and data formats;
  • Examples of science applications (e.g. feature tracking for wind determination in UV and IR;
    temperature profile retrieval from spectral inversion; nightglow spectral analysis).
VMC (Venus Monitoring Camera) data
  • Instrument description;
  • Overview of scientific goals;
  • Description of calibration, geometry and data formats;
  • Examples of science applications (e.g. feature tracking for wind determination;
    search for wave features; surface temperature mapping).


If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill in the Registration Form.

Limited funding is available to help cover the travel and/or subsistence costs of the participants attending the workshop. Should you be interested in applying for this support, please provide a short justification for your request using the registration form.

In order to ensure the right level of interaction, participation will be restricted to a limited number of participants (20). Preference will be given to PhD students and post-docs, but also other motivated participants may be considered.

Deadline for Registration: 31st March 2014

Workshop Programme

The workshop will start at 14:00 on Monday 12st May and end at 17:00 on Thursday 15h May.

Monday, 12 May
Tuesday, 13 May
Wednesday, 14 May
Thursday, 15 May

Welcome and Logistics

Venus Express Introduction and Scientific Objectives

PSA and SPICE Overview

VIRTIS Session (I) VIRTIS Session (II) VMC Session

The detailed content of the course is still under development, and may be changed in light of the interests of the participants.

Venue & Accomodation

ESA has arranged a special room rate for the workshop attendees with the official hotel (located in the Argüelles neighborhood in Madrid's city center). Hotel reservations must be arranged after workshop participation has been approved. Confirmed participants will be provided with a dedicated link to the official Hotel to benefit from this special rate.

There will be a shuttle bus service between ESAC and the official workshop hotel (in Madrid's city center).

For further information on how to get to ESAC, see here.

Contact Us

Please for any question or clarification related to the workshop.
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