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This is a list of useful software tools and utilities to assist PSA data users and data producers in finding, using and producing PSA data. This page contains internal and external tools. We rely on you to help keep this list complete and up-to-date.

Please contact us if you find any problem of if you know of any additional tool.

For Data Users

PSA Search Interfaces

Interfaces to the online PSA database that allow search and retrieval of scientific and ancillary data for all ESA planetary missions. Users can specify complex queries to select the data of their interest.

PSA Geometry Search (PGS)

Java application that provides fast and efficient data queries based on geometry coordinates.

PDS NasaView

Free downloadable application that allows users to display PDS data products.

PDS Small Bodies Node READPDS

Set of IDL routines that allow for reading of most common PDS data product types.

FITS Viewers

List of software packages to display or manipulate FITS data files.


Specialized image processing software package that includes many standard operations such as contrast stretch, image algebra, filters and statistical analysis.


General purpose image processing system.


Popular open source alternative to Photoshop and Corel Draw. A plugin is available to load PDS images.


Translator library for raster geospatial data formats. It also comes with a variety of useful command line utilities for data translation and processing.

For Data Producers

PDS Data Dictionary Lookup

Online tool for searching the PDS dictionary and finding details of keywords and values in PDS labels.

PSA Geometry Library (GeoLib)

C library to assist data producers in the generation of PSA geometry indices.

PSA Volume Verifier (PVV)

Java tool that verifies PDS compliance of the dataset folder and file structure. This tool is used by the instrument teams to validate their data before delivery to PSA.

PSA Validation System (PVS)

IDL tool that allows for quantitative validation of PDS-compliant datasets against user-defined criteria. This tool is used by the PSA team as part of the standard validation procedure before ingestion.

PDS Volume Validation

Online tool for validation of a PDS volume against the PDS3 standards.

Instrument-specific Software

Instrument-specific software is not included in this list, but can be found in the Mission or Instrument pages. Software tools, libraries, or utility programs to access or process data products, if provided by the instrument team, are available in the SOFTWARE, DOCUMENT or EXTRAS directory of the corresponding dataset, along with instructions.

Ancillary Software Tools (SPICE)

A software library and other useful utilities to read SPICE kernels and to compute derived observation geometry, such as altitude, latitude/longitude, and lighting angles, can be found in the NAIF SPICE Toolkit page. This software is offered in FORTRAN, C, IDL and MATLAB.

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