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Principal Investigator(s):

    Please acknowledge the above Principal Investigator(s) as well as the European Space Agency when making a publication using the data you are going to download.

    FTP Browser

    Get access to all publicly available PSA data via an anonymous FTP server: Unlike the other interfaces, it has no search capability but you can quickly browse the content of the archive using the FTP-client application of your choice. If you don't know which data sets you are looking for, we recommend using the Advanced or Map-based Search Interfaces.

    Data Set Naming

    Please be aware that all data sets follow a naming convention which typically indicates the mission, target body, instrument, and data processing level. This allows experienced users to quickly find the data set(s) they are looking for.

    A full description of the data set naming convention is provided in the Experiment to Archive Interface Control document, which can be found in the DOCUMENT directory of each data set.

    Batch Download

    Please contact us first if you wish to use our FTP service for batch downloading or mirror functionality. This will allow us to prepare the servers and avoid any potential difficulties that may arise.

    User's Guides

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