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Principal Investigator(s):

    Please acknowledge the above Principal Investigator(s) as well as the European Space Agency when making a publication using the data you are going to download.

    Ancillary Data

    Ancillary data are provided in SPICE format to the scientific community as part of the PSA extended services. SPICE is an information system, developed and maintained by the NASA's Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF) Team, the purpose of which is to provide scientists with the observation geometry information needed to plan scientific observations and to analyze the data returned from those observations.

    SPICE Support

    This multi-mission capability of SPICE has been used for more than 20 years now on many NASA missions. More recently, scientists who work with data from ESA's planetary missions (Mars Express, Venus Express, Rosetta, Smart-1 and Bepi Colombo) use SPICE to analyse their data. Learn how to use SPICE

    Operational SPICE Kernels

    The PSA Team leads the SPICE operations for ESA's planetary missions. It operates software to convert ESOC ancillary data (orbit, attitude and spacecraft clock correlation data) into the corresponding SPICE format. In partnership with NAIF, the team also works to produce the other mission-specific SPICE kernels. All kernels are stored on an anonymous FTP repository accessible using our web-based browser.

    For a more detailed description of each mission SPICE kernels repository, please follow the links below:

    ESOC ancillary data used to produce SPICE kernels (SPK, CK and SCLK) are preserved and accessible from here.

    Archived SPICE Data Sets

    The PSA Team creates an official, peer reviewed archive of the ESA missions SPICE data sets and stores them into the PSA. FTP links to these data sets are provided in the "Access Kernels" section of this page.

    Access kernels

    Operational kernels

    The SPICE repository contains all the operational kernels for ESA's missions, organised by kernel type.

    Browse Repository

    Archived SPICE Data Sets



    Training workshops focused on how to use SPICE software and data are occasionally offered at ESAC. Future workshops will be announced here.

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    Useful for data producers:


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