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Advanced Search Interface

The Advanced Search interface is a Java-based application which allows for complex querying of data. You can search at the data set or data product level using a wide variety of query parameters (illumination condition, planetary features, instrument modes, etc). Basic knowledge of PDS is recommended before using the PSA Advanced Seach Interface. Learn more about PDS.

Get Started

1. Launch Interface

Since the Advanced Search Interface is a Java-based application that loads through your web browser, no installation is required. Just click on the green Advanced Search button on this page.

However, there are some requirements in order for this interface to run correctly:

  • the Java runtime environment must be installed locally on your computer, and
  • your web browser must have both JavaScript and Java enabled.

2. Define Your Query

In addition to the Mission-specific panels, you can refine your queries using the following Query Panels:

  • Planetary Features and Target Search
  • Data Set Search
  • Product Time Contraints
  • Geometrical Searches
Opening several query panels will logically-AND the constraints within the individual query panels.

3. Browse Your Results and Download

You can browse the Latest Results of your queries, view and select your products of interest for direct download or via a Delivery Basket.

You can download either a collection of Data Products, a whole Data Set or the related Software or Documentation.

Only after registration as a PSA user, you will receive an email that will inform you on the FTP retrieval of the products you have requested in the delivery basket.

Launch Interface

User's Guides


For further information on potential problems regarding the Advanced Search interface, take a look at our FAQ page before contacting us.

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