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Explore ESA's Planetary Science Archive!

The European Space Agency's Planetary Science Archive (PSA) is the central repository for all scientific and engineering data returned by ESA's Solar System missions: currently Giotto, Huygens, Mars Express, Rosetta, SMART-1, and Venus Express, as well as several ground-based cometary observations.
The PSA uses NASA's Planetary Data System standards as a baseline for the formatting and structure of all data contained within the archive. Learn more...

Access the Data

Anonymous FTP

Get access to all publicly available data via an anonymous FTP server. Unlike the other interfaces, it has no search capability but you can quickly browse the content of the archive using the FTP-client application of your choice.

Browse FTP

Advanced Search

Search through a Java-based application which allows for complex querying of data. You can search at the data set or data product level using a wide variety of query parameters. More...

Launch Interface

Map-based Search

Search through a Java-based application which allows for visual querying of geographically referenced data. It can be used be in combination with the Advanced Search interface to refine your search. More...

Launch Interface

In addition to these interfaces, you can programmatically query and retrieve data products using the PSA Archive InterOperability (PAIO). The PAIO implements the Planetary Data Access Protocol (PDAP).

Image Archive Release for Rosetta Navigation Camera and OSIRIS data

If you are interested in seeing the latest processed Rosetta NAVCAM and OSIRIS public data in the Image Archives, please see here.



Visit our Resources pages or contact us directly for any inqueries related to data retrieval and usage.

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