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Planetary Exploration Missions


Primary Goal Titan probe/Saturn orbiter
Project Scientist Nicolas Altobelli
Mission Phase Operational, orbiting around Saturn
Launch Date 15 October 1997
Mission End 14 January 2005
Mars Express
Mars Express
Primary Goal Mars exploration
Project Scientist Olivier Witasse
Mission Phase Operational
Launch Date 2 June 2003 17:45 UT
Mission End 31 December 2014 (extended mission), subject to a mid-term review in 2012
Primary Goal Navigation with solar-electric propulsion
Mission Phase Archived
Launch Date 27 September 2003 23:14 UT
Mission End 3 September 2006 05:42:21.759 UT
Primary Goal Comet rendezvous
Project Scientist Matt Taylor
Mission Phase Operational
Launch Date 2 March 2004
Mission End December 2015
Venux Express
Venus Express
Primary Goal Venus exploration
Project Scientist Håkan Svedhem
Mission Phase Operational
Launch Date 9 November 2005
Mission End 31 December 2014
Primary Goal Europe's first mission to Mercury
Mission Phase Implementation
Launch Date 2015
Mission End Nominally 1 year in Mercury orbit after arriving in 2022
Primary Goal Robotic exploration of Mars
Mission Phase Implementation
Launch Date 2016 and 2018
Mission End December 2022
Primary Goal Emergence of habitable worlds around gas giants
Mission Phase Implementation
Launch Date 2022
Mission End 7.6 years cruise & 3.5 years in the Jovian system
Primary Goal Discover and characterise a large number of close-by exoplanetary systems
Project Scientist Ana Heras
Mission Phase Implementation
Launch Date 2024
Mission End 6 year operational lifetime

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