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the previous name of PLANCK

PLANCK was formerly called COBRAS/SAMBA. This awkward former double name had historical roots, since the mission grew out of a pair of proposals with similar objectives, with the names COBRAS and SAMBA respectively. The two proposed payloads were eventually merged into one mission, and the double name was kept.

The acronyms stood for:
Cosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite and
Satellite for Measurement of Background Anisotropies.

COBRAS/SAMBA was studied during an initial Assessment phase (1994) by ESA, and together with industry at Phase A level (1995-1996). The picture below is a result of the latter study, which was the basis for the selection of COBRAS/SAMBA as the 3rd Medium-sized mission (M3) in ESA's Horizon 2000 Scientific Programme.



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