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Mintron for IRAM

In the frame of our Leonid 2002 observing campaign, we provide a Mintron camera as a finder camera for the 30-m telescope IRAM to support finding long-lasting persisten trails. This page gives some images of the camera as it was shipped to IRAM on 04 Nov 2002 and some documents.

Camera characteristics: Field of View 12 deg x 15 deg
Limiting magnitude: better than 7.5 mag

This is how the camera looks like from the outside and inside:


(Bottom left) The constellation Lyra with the IRAM Mintron. The faintest visible stars are around 8.2 mag. Note that the sky is still bright as it was not completely dark yet. Also, the viewing conditions in my back yard are far from perfect (limiting magnitude with the naked eye in complete darkness around 5.2). (Bottom Right) The same image, but background subtracted and stretched.

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