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ESA/RSSD Meteor Research Group

The Research and Science Support Department (RSSD) of the European Space Agency (ESA) started to get involved in meteor astronomy in the beginning of 1998. We concentrate on the ground-based observation of meteors, mainly with image-intensified video cameras, also called low light-level TV cameras (LLTV systems). RSSD is mainly concerned with space-based experiments, one group of them being dust detectors. We are also involved in the Rosetta mission, on the way to comet P/Churyumov-Gerasimenkov in 2004. Therefore, our main science interests in meteor astronomy are:

  • to link the physical properties of the particles producing the meteors to their parent body (comet or asteroid)
  • to understand the distribution and evolution of dust in the solar system

The core team at ESA/RSSD and SRE-O is

Detlef Koschny   Håkan Svedhem  Jonathan Mc Auliffe  

Detlef Koschny


Hakan Svedhem

Jonathan Mc Auliffe Hans Smit

Joe Zender
     Image to come
Joe Zender
    Kees van der Luijt

Additional supported comes/came from

   Rita Schulz Gerhard Schwehm
  Rita Schulz Gerhard Schwehm

Olivier Witasse

 Plus, of course, all the guys in the labs doing mechanical and electronical work!

Olivier Witasse

Past members

  • Geert Barentsen
  • Francisco Ocana Gonzalez   

  • Julia M. de la Parra
  • Maria Gritsevich 
  • Christian Erd 
  • Benedikt Ernst
  • Margaret Campbell-Brown
  • Jorge Diaz del Rio
  • Trevor Sanderson 
  • Lusia Maria Lara
  • Phillip Reissaus
  • Thomas Westphal
  • Felicitas Mokler
  • Michael Schmidhuber
  • Luis Neira
  • Jean-Pierre Lebreton

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Equipment & Testing
LCC - Low Cost Cameras
ICC - High Quality Cameras
SPOSH Camera
Radio Setup
Testing the Mintron
Testing the Fujinon
Effect of Bright Light
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Field Of View 3D
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UFO Capture/Orbit
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International Meteor Organisation
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