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EUROPLANET N3 Strategic Workshop
MOD Workshop Logo
Monday, 11 Sept. 2006 to Wednesday, 13 Sept. 2006
Roden, The Netherlands.


The first meteor orbit workshop took place just before the 2006 International Meteor Conference in the 'Groepsaccommodatie de Hullen', Roden, The Netherlands, from Monday, 11 Sep 2006, 10 h, to Wednesday, 13 Sep 2006, 18 h. The workshop was organised by Jonathan Mc Auliffe and Detlef Koschny of ESA/ESTEC. Inquiries regarding the workshop can be send to Jonathan Mc Auliffe. This workshop was organised as a EUROPLANET N3 strategic workshop.

Workshop Agenda


The proceedings can be ordered via the International Meteor Organisation (

To continue the discussion and work started at the workshop we have setup an online Yahoo! Forum. To which interested individuals and groups can sign up, here: Meteor Orbit Determination Working Group.

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