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Livelink Notices

Report Date
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November 8
Upgrade to LL 9.7
Upgrade to LL 9.6
Nov 21
Upgrade to LL 9.5
April 5
We have developed a method for serving specified douments without having to log-in. Contact Admin for details
Sept 24
A facility to archive project emails implemented in LL. If you have a need for a mail archive, contact the Administrator.
General Information
Jan 2003
There is a approved method of setting up a restricted area in a domain. Please refer to the technical note in LL

Some PDF documents are not searchable by LL

Third party applications such as dvi2pdf produce non-searchable PDF documents, which is a problem for a knowledge repository.

You can verify this by reading such a document with Acroread to see if a document is searchable or not. Additionally, such a document will not allow Acrobat cut-and-paste. It is also related to the fact that documents produced in this way look awful on the screen. It is all due to the fact that dvi2ps uses the computer modern font family.

The way to generate a searchable pdf file from a latex source is by using: acrobat distill. So the guideline to authors ingesting document in Livelink originally in tex format is _not_ to use "dvipdf", but rather the usual "dvips" and then process the ps file with distill.

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The login facility has detected that you have passwords to one or more of these other systems (Livelink, Mantis, CVS, etc.) which do not match your current LDAP password.

By clicking on [SYNCHRONIZE] you will be able to reset all these passwords and bring them into line with your main portal password with no further effort on your part.

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