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Livelink Portal

We support single-sign on throughout the SRE/RSSD Web infrastructure. If you have a personal Livelink account, and you have already logged in into the RSSD Web (lower-left corner of all new RSSD web pages) you will be automatically logged in into Livelink. If this does not happen, then there is probably a mismatch between your Portal (LDAP) account password and your Livelink password - To enjoy this convenience, please synchronise all your web-application passwords.
If you don't have a personal Livelink account, you will be logged in automatically into Livelink via the Livelink URL in My_Portal for your specific project.

You are probably not logged in. If this is so, you will find
the login panel at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

(HOWEVER - If you ARE logged in, but there is no button, please go to your project/mission pages to access Livelink)

Some useful guides, documentation, tips and other items of interest to the Livelink User Community.

Service Notices Up-to-date information regarding the current state of Livelink
Setup Setting up your browser to access Livelink
Livelink QuickStart Guide Livelink Quick Reference Guide (1.5 Mb PDF) (Login required)
Best Practices, Hints, Tips, etc... The Livelink Help section (Login required)
Search Hints Tips for getting the best out of Livelink searches
Livelink Explorer Quick Reference Setting up and using Livelink Explorer on a Windows PC (48 Kb PDF) (Login required)
Livelink Explorer under TSE/Citrix Setting up Livelink Explorer to work within the TSE environment
Notifications Primer User guide on how to set up and use LL Notifications (850 Kb PDF) (Login required)
Livelink Notifications General description of the Livelink Notification system (121 Kb PDF) (Login required)
Problem Notification Report a problem to the Livelink Administrator
Other Document Management Services
PRISMA Document Management - External entry page for Science Projects
PRISMA DMS User Guide Release 4.5 (1 Mb PDF file)
eCPB electronic Council, Committee and Programme Board" (eCPB) Portal

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Password Synchronization

The RSSD Web Portal provides a single login facility to simplify access to several other applications within this site.

The login facility has detected that you have passwords to one or more of these other systems (Livelink, Mantis, CVS, etc.) which do not match your current LDAP password.

By clicking on [SYNCHRONIZE] you will be able to reset all these passwords and bring them into line with your main portal password with no further effort on your part.

Synchronizing Passwords - Please Wait

Logging In - Please Wait