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Most Recent Press Releases and Info Notes

Debris from stellar explosions in the galaxy's fast lane, ESA Science & Technology, 19 Nov 2013.
Missing link found between X-ray and radio pulsars, ESA Space Science, 25 Sep 2013.
Black hole wakes up and has a light snack, ESA Science & Technology, 2 Apr 2013.
High mass X-ray binaries trace the Milky Way's spiral arms, ESA Science & Technology, 4 Mar 2013.
Astronomers develop new method to determine neutron star mass, ESA Science & Technology, 9 Nov 2012.
INTEGRAL celebrates a decade of discoveries, ESA Science & Technology, 17 Oct 2012.
Integral: a decade revealing the high-energy sky, ESA Space Science, 17 Oct 2012.
INTEGRAL finds titanium in supernova remnant 1987A, ESA Science & Technology, 17 Oct 2012.
Explore the high-energy universe - competition results, ESA Science & Technology, 31 May 2012.
Massive glitch moves magnetar modelling forward, ESA Science & Technology, 12 April 2012.
INTEGRAL reveals new facets of the Vela pulsar wind nebula, ESA Science & Technology, 25 January 2012.
INTEGRAL deciphers diffuse signature of cosmic-ray electrons, ESA Science & Technology, 21 December 2011.
ESA spacecraft reveal new anatomy around a black hole, ESA News, 29 September 2011.
L’environnement d’un trou noir supermassif révélé, CNRS, 29 September 2011.
INTEGRAL observations suggest unified model for Active Galactic Nuclei requires a rethink, ESA Science & Technology, 2 August 2011.
INTEGRAL challenges physics beyond Einstein, ESA News, 30 June 2011.
INTEGRAL spots matter a millisecond from doom, ESA News, 24 March 2011.
INTEGRAL discovers gamma rays originating from black hole jets, ESA Science & Technology, 24 March 2011.
The Crab nebula: standard candle no more ?, ESA Science & Technology, 12 January 2011.
NASA satellites find high-energy surprises in 'constant' Crab nebula, NASA-FERMI News, 12 January 2011.
INTEGRAL helps unravel the tumultuous recent history of the solar neighbourhood, ESA Science & Technology, 26 November 2010.
Europe maintains its presence on the final frontier, ESA Space Science, 22 November 2010.
INTEGRAL completes the deepest all-sky survey in hard X-rays, ESA Science & Technology, 11 August 2010.
New INTEGRAL catalogue expands gamma-ray horizons, ESA Science & Technology, 07 July 2010.
INTEGRAL researcher scoops Zeldovich Medal, ESA Science & Technology, 23 June 2010.
The turbulent past of the Milky Way's black hole, CNRS, 27 May 2010.

The archive of INTEGRAL Press Releases and Info Notes (published before 2010) can be accessed here.

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