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Scientific Programme & on-line presentations

Time Duration Speaker Title
INTEGRAL's Sources Across the Sky (Surveys, Catalogues, Categories, not AGN, BH binaries etc)
09:30 0:20 P. Ubertini The IBIS Survey - Latest status and results
09:50 0:20 J.P. Roques 5th_Anniversary/High energy emission of compact objects with SPI
10:10 0:10 L. Bassani The quest for the nature of unidentified INTEGRAL sources
10:20 0:10 D. Rísquez High Energy Sources Observed with OMC.
10:30 0:10 J.B. Stephen EGRET/INTEGRAL cross-correlation studies: a few likely associations and prospects for GLAST
10:40 0:30   Break
HE Sources in the Galactic-Ridge (Point sources vs diffuse emission)
11:10 0:20 A.W. Strong Interstellar and source contributions to Galactic high-energy emission
11:30 0:15 M. Revnivtsev INTEGRAL contribution to the discovery of the nature of the Galactic ridge X-ray emission
11:45 0:15 L. Bouchet SPI/INTEGRAL all sky survey
12:00 0:15 K. Ebisawa Suzaku Observation of the Galactic Ridge
12:15 0:15 G. Belanger Synergy and Complexity in the Milk Way's Central Molecular Zone
12:30 0:15 G.Trap High-energy results of the Galactic-Center campaign 2007
12:45 2:15   Lunch
Nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy; Supernovae and SNR
15:00 0:15 W. Wang Large-scale properties of Galactic 26Al emission
15:15 0:15 P. Martin The Cygnus region seen in gamma-ray lines - Implications on massive stars nucleosynthesis and evolution
15:30 0:10 K. Kretschmer 26Al Spectroscopy and Structure & Kinematics in the inner Galaxy
15:40 0:10 M. Lang SPI Detection of 60Fe Radioactivity in the Galaxy
15:50 0:10 M. Renaud Young SNRs through the 44Ti gamma-ray lines with IBIS/ISGRI>
16:00 0:15 S. Grebenev Discovery and long term study of hard X-ray emission of SN1987A with MIR/KVANT.
16:15 0:15 T. Tanaka Suzaku observations of SNR RX J1713.7-3946 in the energy range up to 40 keV
16:30 0:30   Break
Positron Annihilation
17:00 0:30 G. Skinner 5 years of INTEGRAL observations of positron-electron annihilation radiation
17:30 0:15 V. Dogiel Annihilation emission from the supermassice black hole in the Galactic center.
Other missions in space, planned and relation to INTEGRAL
17:45 0:15 J. Tueller Joint Swift-INTEGRAL Observations and Plans
18:00 0:15 D. Bastieri Highlights of MAGIC Results
18:15 0:15 I. Donnarumma AGILE in orbit
18:30 0:15 P. Caraveo GLAST and INTEGRAL
18:45 0:15 A.Parmar INTEGRAL Mission Perspective
20:00     INTEGRAL Anniversary Party
Time Duration Speaker Title
Accreting Binaries and Transients
09:00 0:25 T. Di Salvo Hard X-ray emission in soft states of LMXBs
09:25 0:12 M. Del Santo Faint LMXBs identified by INTEGRAL
09:37 0:12 M. Fiocchi The INTEGRAL Ultra Compact X-ray Binaries
09:49 0:15 R. Hudec 5th_Anniversary/INTEGRAL results on cataclysmic variables and related objects
10:04 0:12 R. Landi Swift/INTEGRAL observations of cataclysmic variables
10:16 0:12 I. Kreykenbohm Review of accreting pulsars observed by INTEGRAL
10:28 0:32   Break
11:00 0:25 V. Sguera Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients observed with INTEGRAL
11:25 0:12 L. Sidoli The wind structure in Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: IGRJ11215-5952
11:37 0:12 J.A. Zurita Heras Are supergiant fast X-ray transient a new class of HMXB?
11:49 0:12 S. Chaty Obscured high mass X-ray binaries and Supergiant Fast X-ray transients: Multi-wavelength observations of INTEGRAL sources.
12:01 0:12 T. Belloni State transitions of black-hole binaries: the high-energy view
12:13 0:12 A. Goldwurm New X-ray Novae with INTEGRAL
12:25 0:15 P. Blay Characterization of BeX systems after 5 years of INTEGRAL
12:40 2:20   Lunch
15:00 0:15 P. Lubinski High energy spectra of microquasars
15:15 0:15 J.P. Roques The high energy spectrum of 1E1740.7
15:30 0:15 I. Caballero A 0535+26 in outburst: change in the cyclotron line energy
15:45 0:15 S. Fritz A multi-instrument study of Cygnus X-1
16:00 0:15 D. Klochkov INTEGRAL observations of Her X-1
16:15 0:30   Break
Miscellaneous (Gamma-Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, others)
16:45 0:15 L. Amati Gamma-Ray Bursts: recent advances and open issues
17:00 0:15 B. McBreen Spectral, spatial and temporal properties of gamma-ray bursts observed by INTEGRAL
17:15 0:10 A. J. Dean Gamma Ray Polarisation studies of Cosmic Sources with SPI
17:25 0:10 S. McBreen Polarisation studies of the prompt gamma-ray emission from GRB 041219a using the Spectrometer SPI aboard INTEGRAL
17:35 0:10 K Hurley Five years of monitoring the transient sky with the SPI-ACS
17:45 0:10 G. Stratta INTEGRAL Observations and Chandra follow-up of the X-ray flash XRF 040812
17:55 0:15 J. Kiener Energetic Particle Properties from Gamma-Ray Line Observations of Solar Flares
18:10 0:10 I. Grenier Gamma-ray polarization of the Crab nebula between 200 and 800 keV
18:20     End of Sessions
Time Duration Speaker Title
AXPs, Magnetars, and Pulsars
09:30 0:20 W. Hermsen Gamma-ray pulsar studies with INTEGRAL
09:50 0:20 P. den Hartog Extreme AXPs in the hard X-ray regime - Detailed spectral and temporal characteristics
10:10 0:20 D. Götz INTEGRAL Monitoring of Magnetars' high energy tails
10:30 0:30   Break
Nonthermal Particle Accelerators (keV-TeV sources, HESS?..)
11:00 0:20 A.J. Dean Pulsar Wind Nebulae as seen by INTEGRAL
11:20 0:15 D. Mazin Possible optical-TeV correlation in blazars and new constraints on extragalactic background light derived from MAGIC data of distant sources
11:35 0:10 J. Rico Observations of microquasar candidates with the MAGIC telescope in the TeV domain
11:45 0:10 M. Kerschhaggl TeV Gamma-ray Observations of the Binary Pulsar PSR B1259-63/SS 2883 near the 2007 Periastron with H.E.S.S.
11:55 0:10 M. Chernyakova Suzaku, XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of PSR B1259-63
12:05 0:10 G. Vannoni Relativistic Electrons from Diffusive Shock Acceleration
12:15 1:45   Lunch
Active Galaxies and Blazars
14:00 0:25 S. Sazonov Statistics of local hard X-ray selected AGN: clues for the CXB and unification model
14:25 0:15 R. Krivonos Large Scale structure of the local Universe with INTEGRAL observatory
14:40 0:15 R. Walter The deepest INTEGRAL extragalactic field
14:55 0:15 A. de Rosa An X-ray view of absorbed AGN
15:10 0:15 A. Malizia INTEGRAL/IBIS observations of Narrow Line Seyfert 1s
15:25 0:20 V. Beckmann Hard X-ray variability of AGN
15:45 0:15 R. Hudec INTEGRAL results on blazars
16:00 0:15 D. Petry TeV sources as seen by SPI
16:15 0:30   Break
Cosmic Diffuse Background Emission
16:45 0:15 M. Türler IBIS/ISGRI Spectrum of the Cosmic X-ray Background from INTEGRAL's Earth Observation
17:00 0:15 M. Ajello Swift/BAT measurement of the X-ray background and Earth's albedo spectra
17:15 0:15 F. Frontera The Cosmic X--ray Background measured with BeppoSAX PDS and its consequences
17:30 0:15 A.J. Dean Conference Summary & Perspectives
17:45     End of Sessions and Workshop
Author Title
D. Petry New SPI Housekeeping & Source Results Web Pages
R. Hudec Identification of INTEGRAL Sources with Astronomical Archival Plates
P. Kubanek INTEGRAL data user access - INTEGRAL Source Results lists and beyond
A. Tarana INTEGRAL and RXTE observations campaign of the Atoll source 4U 1728-34
P. Sobotka Eclipsing Binaries with OMC
J. Chenevez Long X-ray burst monitoring with INTEGRAL
R. Galis Recent Hard X-ray Activity of SAX J1810.8-2609
J.C. Leyder Hard X-ray emission from Eta Car detected with INTEGRAL
R. Walter Probing clumpy stellar winds with a neutron star
M.D. Caballero Garcia A deep view into the black holes high energy emission
H. Takahashi Suzaku Broadband Observations of Galactic Black Hole Binaries in the Low/Hard states
F. Capitanio Longterm campain on X-ray transients IGR J17091-3624 and IGR J17098-3628
I. Chelovekov Hard X-ray bursts detected with IBIS 2003-2005
S.A. Grebenev Fast X-ray transients observed with INTEGRAL
A. Lutovinov Unusual bright state of the X-ray pulsar 4U0352+309/X Persei
F. Senziani Using Swift/BAT as a hard X-ray Monitor
A.V. Serber Cyclotron Harmonic Lines and Distances to X-ray Pulsars
R. Staubert Free precession in the neutron star Her X-1
T. Larchenkova Study of the galactic structure using the millisecond pulsars timing
I. Donnarumma Combined INTEGRAL-XMM broad-band spectrum of the lensed blazar PKS 1830-211
D. Eckert A particle acceleration site in the Coma cluster?
A. Lutovinov Observations of the Coma Cluster with INTEGRAL
M. Molina Radio-bright AGN detected with INTEGRAL
C. Ricci Multiwavelength study of the active galaxy IGR J21247+5058
S. Soldi The multiwalentgh variability of 3C273
E. Bottacini INTEGRAL Observations of the Blazar Mrk 421 in Outburst
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