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Lookup Information in the Planck Common Database

You can search for contact information on people associated with the Planck project. You may search on any text string (e.g. name, email, group, etc). Special keywords which you may search on are listed below. The search is not case sensitive. The search results window provides the ability to generate emails to individuals or groups (tick the buttons at the far right). If you would like information to be changed, added, or removed from this list please contact your PI or DPC Manager.

Enter search string:
Special keywords:
  • Role: (XXX can be HFI, LFI, Tel, or ESA)
    • XXX_PI: Principal Investigator
    • XXX_PM: Project Manager
    • XXX_IS: Instrument Scientist
    • XXX_DPCM: Data Processing Centre Manager
    • XXX_SS: Survey Scientist
    • XXX_CoI: Co-Investigator
    • XXX_Ass: Associate
    • XXX_Coll: Collaborator
    • XXX_TeS: Technical Support
    • XXX_ScS: Scientific Support
    • XXX_AdS: Administrative Support
    • PST: Member of Planck Science Team
    • PSO: Planck Science Office Member
    • WG_coordinator: All Work Group Coordinators
    • XXX_Core: Core Team Member
    • Data_Agreed: Has signed the Confidentiality Agreement
    • MoU: External collaborator with approved MoU
  • to search for all members of Science Team, search string="PST"
  • to search for all LFI CoIs, search string="LFI_CoI"
  • to search for all CoIs (LFI, HFI, Tel), search string="_CoI"
  • to search for all members of Core Programme Project on Systematics, search string="1_"
  • Membership in a Planck Core Programme Project is indicated by the Core Programme ID (which is in bold letters for group coordinators)
  • Multiple strings will be searched as logical "OR", e.g. "HFI_Ass HFI_CoI" = "HFI_Ass" OR "HFI_CoI"
  • By putting double quotes around the whole search string it is possible to search on an exact string containing several words
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This page was first created on 6 November, 2003 and was last updated on 24 January, 2014.
Password Synchronization

The RSSD Web Portal provides a single login facility to simplify access to several other applications within this site.

The login facility has detected that you have passwords to one or more of these other systems (Livelink, Mantis, CVS, etc.) which do not match your current LDAP password.

By clicking on [SYNCHRONIZE] you will be able to reset all these passwords and bring them into line with your main portal password with no further effort on your part.

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