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 ESA Press Releases & Information Notes

20 May 1999: ESA medals mark the Hipparcos revolution in astronomy

01 April 1998: Hipparcos reveals that the Milky Way is changing shape

19 February 1998: Hipparcos makes an accurate 3-D chart of an important star cluster

05 January 1998: Hipparcos pinpoints an amazing gamma-ray clock

08 December 1997: Millennium Star Atlas marks the completion of ESA's Hipparcos Mission

16 May 1997: Beyond Hipparcos: Europe's astronomers want to pinpoint more stars, more exactly

15 May 1997: Star wars in Venice: Hipparcos astronomers disagree about the ages

14 May 1997: Hipparcos confirms violent chain reactions of star formation

13 May 1997: Astronomers enthuse about Hipparcos but the Pleides puzzle them

12 May 1997: The impact of Hipparcos star-fixing extends to life's evolution

06 May 1997: A vista of new knowledge from ESA's Hipparcos astronomy mission

14 February 1997: Europe's Hipparcos satellite revises the scale of the cosmos


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