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 The Millennium Star Atlas

The Hipparcos and Tycho data have been used to create the Millennium Star Atlas: an all-sky atlas of one million stars to visual magnitude 11 (from the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues) and 10,000 nonstellar objects included to complement the catalogue data. The Millennium Star Atlas is available either as part of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (Volumes 14-16) or as a separate three volume atlas from [external link] Sky Publishing Corporation.

The Millennium Star Atlas is a remarkable map of the celestial sphere, undertaken by Sky Publishing Corporation in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the Hipparcos scientific community. Very simply, the Millennium Star Atlas comprises 1548 star charts, using them to show the location of all 1,058,332 stars included in the Tycho Catalogue. It superimposes on these stars a wealth of material - from the Hipparcos Catalogue - illustrating their proper motion, their variability characteristics, their distance (if closer than 200 light years), and the details of their close companions.

The figure below is a composite of four sample pages from the Atlas.  Click here (PDF)  to examine the pages in more detail.

The area delineated in red is shown in greater detail, can be accessed here. 








Millennium Star Atlas
Key to Symbols
Some Exercises
Brightest Stars
Closest Stars
Brightest Variables
Brightest Double Stars
Highest Proper Motion Stars
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