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High Proper Motion Stars in the Hipparcos Catalogue

HIP Name V P.M. (arcsec/yr) P.A. (degrees) Chart
87937Barnard's Star 9.5410.358355.61273
24186Kapteyn's Star8.868.671131.4438
57939Groombridge 18306.427.058145.4634
114046Lacaille 93527.356.89678.91423
439CD -37deg 154928.566.100112.5410
10421461 Cygni A5.205.28151.91146
10421761 Cygni B6.055.17252.61146
54035Lalande 211857.494.802186.9636
108870varepsilon Indi4.694.704122.71486
54211Gliese 4128.824.511282.1615
19849omicron^2 Eridani4.434.088213.2282
70890Proxima Centauri11.013.853281.5985
5336mu Cassiopeiae5.173.777115.164
36208Luyten's Star9.843.738171.2224
71681alpha Centauri B1.353.724284.8985
71683alpha Centauri A-0.013.710277.5985
74234Washington 55839.443.681195.8837
74235Washington 55849.073.681195.7837
105090Lacaille 87606.693.455250.61428

P.M. is proper motion
P.A. is position angle

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