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Celestia 2000

A sample session with Celestia 2000 illustrating how to retrieve data for a Hipparcos or Tycho Star. Click on the images to see the complete Celestia 2000 window.

What information does Celestia 2000 have for the star HIP 12345?

  • Go to the Objects menu and select Main catalogues
  • A data entry window will pop-up: Select a Star Window
    • Choose which catalogue you want to use to identify the star (In this case it is the Hipparcos Catalogue)
    • Enter the star number (12345)
    • Choose OK

A Detailed information window will now appear containing the Hipparcos data for this star: Detailed Information Window
This window contains all the data from the Hipparcos Catalogue for HIP 12345. The buttons at the top-left corner of the window indicate if there is also data from the other catalogues or annexes for this star. Black text indicates that there is data; grey text indicates that there is no data. In this case more information about HIP 12345 can be found from:

  • the Tycho Catalogue Detailed Information Window: Tycho Data
  • the Hipparcos Input Catalogue Detailed Information Window: Hipparcos Input Catalogue Data
  • the Double and Multiple Star Annex Detailed Information Window: Double and Multiple Star Annex Data
  • and the Double and Multiple Star Annex of the Hipparcos Input CatalogueDetailed Information Window: Double and Multiple Star Annex of the Hipparcos Input Catalogue Data

Clicking on the question mark brings up the on-line help facility for the window that is currently active. (For example, clicking on the ? while in the HIC data window brings up the HIC on-line help.)

Celestia 2000
What is Celestia 2000 ?
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