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More on Hipparcos
ESA Sci-Tech Web Site This web site contains information on all of the missions in ESA's Science Programme, including Hipparcos.
ESA Public Web Site This is the corporate web site of ESA.
Other Space Astrometry Missions
Gaia Space astrometry mission (ESA)
SIM Space Interferometry Mission (NASA)
JASMINE Japan Astrometry Satellite Mission for INfrared Exploration
OBSS Origins Billion Star Survey
OSIRIS Russian space optical interferometer project
Catalogue Access
CDS Online access to the Hipparcos and Tycho catalogue data
Canadian Astronomy Data Centre Online access to the Hipparcos main catalogue and some of the annexes
Xephem compatible database The Hipparcos main catalogue of 118218 objects has been converted to an [external link] xephem compatible (1.8Mb compressed, 6.4Mb compressed), available from our anonymous ftp site
Education Applications
Teacher Notes ESA science & technology resources - educational support
Millennium Star Atlas Exercises Some simple exercises using the Millennium Star Atlas
Astronomical Software
List of Astronomical Software Maintained at the Sky & Telescope site


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