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Celestia 2000

Celestia 2000 is a CD-ROM package containing the principal parts of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, annexes and complementary updated ground-based data (in binary format). The accompanying software allows users to easily access astrometric and photometric data for all stars contained in these Catalogues/Annexes. The software interface provides:

  • Interrogation facilities: where data for each star is available from the Hipparcos Catalogue & annexes, the Tycho Catalogue and the updated Hipparcos Input Catalogue and Double and Multiple Star Annex;
  • Sampling facilities: where star samples can be created based on combinations of astrometric and photometric parameters, local and global sky maps of these samples can be created, data for each star in the sample may be accessed;
  • Mapping facilities: Global or local sky distributions of Hipparcos and/or Tycho stars may be displayed in various ways.
  • Celestia 2000 updated software is available on the anonymous ftp area at  in directory pub/hipparcos/celestia. Read the README note in that directory for further information.

    System Requirements for Celestia 2000:

    The minimum system requirements for installing Celestia 2000 on a PC (fully IBM-PC compatible) are as follows:

    Configuration 486DX, Pentium processor or higher
    Graphic card and monitor SuperVGA (800 x 600, 16 colours) or higher
    Operating system  
    for Windows 3.1 MS-DOS V5.00 or higher and Micorsoft Windows 3.11
    for Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 95
    for Windows NT Microsoft Windows NT, version 3.51 or higher
    for Windows 3.1 8 Mb minimum; 16 Mb recommended
    for Windows 95 or NT 16 Mb minimum; 32 Mb recommended
    Hard-disk space minimum: 12 Mb



    Celestia 2000
    What is Celestia 2000 ?
    Celestia 2000 Demo
    Celestia 2000 Options
    Interrogating Facilities
    Sampling Facilities
    Mapping Facilities
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