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From here you will find presentations from each of the ESTEC Faculty Jamborees.

The Jamborees are a forum where the members of the Faculty can spend 3-5 minutes describing what tickles their scientific fancy.

The presentation slides are downloadable, along with video coverage of where available so you may never miss a Jamboree!!!

Jamboree 1, 13th April 2007


Jamboree sessions will now be organized before each Faculty meeting, introducing about 10 persons, especially new comers. The format is a 2 minute presentation WITHOUT SLIDES describing: who you are, briefly what you did in the past, what's your function in ESTEC and what are your research activities.
Text summaries of each presentation are given below.

Jamboree, 4th of November 2008

Jamboree, 22th of January 2009





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