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The EXOSAT Medium Energy Slew Survey

The EXOSAT Medium Energy Slew Survey (EXMS) is a new X-ray catalog based on data collected between 1983 and 1986 when EXOSAT was slewing between different pointed observations. It contains many well-known sources, often observed at widely differing times, and will be useful to anyone interested in long-term time-variability.


exposure map for the EXMS

Above: the relative sky coverage obtained by the EXMS, ranging from 0 seconds (black) to more than 600 seconds (white), in galactic coordinates.

The catalog is fully described in Reynolds et al (1998; accepted for publication in A&A Supplements - compressed postscript version available here) and may be accessed using the EXOSAT database and archive system. What follows is a short overview of the catalog, together with some plots and remarks which were not included in the paper due to lack of space. It should not be seen as a substitute for the paper, merely a useful summary/addendum!


Schematic Slew/ Slew Footprint/ Slew Data/ Error Boxes/ Catalog Searches/ Tables/ Source Lightcurves


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