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Faculty Events

This page collects information about events directly related to the ESAC Faculty, including meetings, seminars, workshops and jamborees


  Inter-departmental Science Workshops
19-21 Nov 2013 6th Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (Aranjuez)
8-9 Nov 2012 5th Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (Volendam)
23-25 Nov 2011 4th Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (Toledo)
11-12 Nov 2010 3rd Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (Volendam)
24-25 Sep 2009 2nd Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (ESAC)
28-29 Aug 2008 1st Inter-Departmental Science Workshop (ESTEC)
Research Fellow Candidate Jamborees
12 Dec 2012 Research Fellowship Candidate Jamboree
23 Jan 2012 Research Fellowship Candidate Jamboree
18 Jan 2010 Research Fellowship Candidate Jamboree
9 Dec 2008 Research Fellowship Candidates Jamboree
Hosted Conferences
24-26 May 2010 'Ultra-Luminous X-ray sources and Middle Weight Black Holes
5-7 Sep 2007 "X-rays from Nearby Galaxies" : The first ESAC Faculty Workshop
Faculty Jamborees
4 Mar 2010 8th Faculty Jamboree
12 Feb 2009 7th Faculty Jamboree
15 Nov 2007 6th Faculty Jamboree
25 Jan 2007 5th Faculty Jamboree
23 Nov 2006 4th Faculty Jamboree
19 Oct 2006 3rd Faculty Jamboree
21 Sep 2006 2nd Faculty Jamboree
22 Jun 2006 1st Faculty Jamboree
Miscellaneous events
29 Sep - 1 Oct 2010 Charge Exchange Madrid Workshop
2 Jul 2010 ESAC Trainee Alumni Meeting
21 Jul 2009 ESAC Trainee Alumni Meeting
9 Jul 2007 ESAC Trainee Alumni Meeting
ESAC Faculty General Assemblies
25 May 2012 10th Faculty Assembly
15 Apr 2011 9th Faculty Assembly
4 Mar 2010 8th Faculty Assembly
12 Nov 2008 7th Faculty Assembly
17 Jul 2008 6th Faculty Assembly
15 Nov 2007 5th Faculty Assembly
5 Jul 2007 4th Faculty Assembly
29 Mar 2007 3rd Faculty Assembly
19 Oct 2006 2nd Faculty Assembly
11 May 2006 1st Faculty Assembly
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