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Mission overview

Artist impression of the Cluster quartet the northern cusp.

Cluster is the first constellation of four spacecraft flying in formation around Earth.

Since 2000, they relay the most detailed information  about how the solar wind affects our planet in three dimensions. The solar wind (the perpetual stream of subatomic particles expelled by the Sun) can damage communications satellites and power stations on Earth.

Science output from Cluster is a leap forward in our knowledge of space plasma physics, science behind space weather and the Sun-Earth connection. It has been key in improving the modelling of the magnetosphere and understanding its various physical processes. 

Cluster data have enabled the publication of more than 2300 publications, including more than 1900 refereed papers and counting.

 For more information on the Cluster project visit

  • The ESA in depth science website on the Cluster mission: link here
  • Wikipedia page: link here
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