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Inter-Departmental Science Workshop 2011

23-25 November 2011

Toledo, Spain


Latest News:

  • About 125 people have registered for the workshop.
  • The abstract upload system was closed on 10 October. 71 abstracts were received.
  • Presenters were notified of the presentation type allocated to them.
  • For Poster Presenters: There will be a Contest for the nicest Posters! Reminder: AO Landscape Format
  • The Abstract Programme is available here .
  • The Scientific Programme is available here or below:

SRE Inter-Departmental Science Workshop

23-25 November 2011

Toledo, SPAIN




Logo Faculty


Organising Committee:

Alba Alcol

Jean Clavel

Nick Hanowski

Patrick Martin

Olivier Witasse





Oral Programme


Wednesday 23 November 2011

Reminder: Following hotel arrival: Poster hanging time!

12:30-14:00    Buffet Lunch in Hotel


Session 1 Chair: Göran Pilbratt

14:00-14:15     Welcome and Introduction (P. Martin, M. McCaughrean, M. Kessler)

14:15-14:30     Anthony Marston: “The Earliest Star Formation in the M16 Region as

Seen by Herschel”

14:30-14:45     Elaine Winston: “Herschel's View of Young Stars in Chamaeleon I”

14:45-15:00     Joe Zender: “LYRA Occultation Data Analysis in Search for Ablation

Signals from the GEMINID Meteor Shower 2010”

15:00-15:15     Detlef Koschny: “Constraining the Luminous Efficiency of Meteors”

15:15-15:30     Luigi Cacciapuoti: “Measuring Gravity with an Atom Interferometer”

15:30-16:00    Coffee Break + Poster Setup for Stragglers

Session 2 Chair: Matt Taylor

16:00-16:30     Newcomers Introduction and Presentations

-          Matthew Allen

-          Nicola Da Rio

-          Andrej Dobrotka

-          Lauranne Fauvet

-          Catherine Fisher

-         Prashin Jethwa

-          Agnes Kospal

-          Nathan Leigh

-          Elena Martellato

-          Jiri Svoboda

-          Stefan Voelk


16:30-16:45     Joana Santos: ”The Evolution of Feedback and Star Formation in

Distant Galaxy Clusters”

16:45-17:00     Bruno Altieri: ”The Star Formation Activity Since 11 Gyr as Revealed

by Herschel Deep Surveys”

17:00-17:15     Patrick Martin / Damhnait Gleeson: “Scale-Integrated Spectral

Characterisation of Mineralogical Analogues to Mars Sites of High

Exobiological Potential”

17:15-17:30     Bernard Foing: “Astrobiology in Mars Analogues: Geochemical

Habitats and Biodiversity”

17:30-17:45     Guillaume Belanger: “Stopping and Looking at the Way we do

Statistics in Astronomy”

18:00-20:00    Poster Session (with drinks)

20:00   Buffet Dinner in Hotel



Thursday 24 November 2011

Session 3 Chair: Rachel Soja

09:00-09:15     Göran Pilbratt: “Cold Disks Around Nearby Stars - News from


09:15-09:30     David Ardila: “Debris Disks and Planets: New Evidence for

Dynamical Stirring”

09:30-09:45     Olivier Witasse: “Study of Elongated Craters on Mars, the Moon and


09:45-10:00     Damien Loizeau: “The Phyllosian Era of Mars: The two Different

Cases of Mawrth Vallis and Tyrrhena Terra”

10:00-10:15     Daniel Michalik: “Combining and Comparing Astrometric Data from

Different Epochs: A Case Study with Hipparcos and Nano-JASMINE”

10:15-10:30     Roland Vavrek: “Complexity of the Diffuse Interstellar Medium in

Large Scale Herschel Imaging Surveys”


10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

Session 4 Chair: Larry O’Rourke

11:00-11:15     Division Research (L. Colangeli, N. Hanowski, A. Parmar)

11:15-11:30     Rita Schulz: “Pre-Perihelion Monitoring of Rosetta Target Comet


11:30-11:45     Björn Grieger: “Modelling the Trajectories of cm to meter Sized

Chunks in the Vicinity of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko”

11:45-12:00     (CANCELLED TALK) Guido De Marchi: “Discovery of ~15 Myr old pre-main sequence

                         stars with active accretion and sizeable discs in the Eagle Nebula”

12:00-12:15     Miguel Sanchez Portal: “AGN and Star Formation Activity and the

Nature of the Dusty Torus: The Herschel's View”

12:15-12:30     Arianna Piccialli: “Gravity Waves at the Venus Cloud Tops as

Observed by the Venus Monitoring Camera”

12:30-14:00    Buffet Lunch Break

Session 5 Chair: Elaine Winston

14:00-14:15     Peter Kretschmar: “The BeXRB Outburst Zoo”

14:15-14:30     Torsten Boeker: “Molecular Gas around Low-Luminosity AGN in Late

Type Spirals”

14:30-14:45     Matthias Ehle: “X-raying the Mach Cones of Virgo Cluster Spiral


14:45-15:00     Matt Taylor: “Kelvin Helmholtz Wave Activity at the Earth's

Magnetopause under Northward Interplanetary Magnetic Field


15:00-15:15     Bartolomeo Viticchie: “Extremely Asymmetric Stokes V Profiles and

their Formation in the Quiet Sun”

15:15-15:30     Rachel Soja: “Dust Orbits Near Jupiter's Galilean Satellites”

15:30-15:45     Frederic Raison: “Detection of Polarization Effects in Gaia Data”

15:45-16:00     Conny Hansson: “Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Spectral Response

Features Caused by Te Inclusions in a Large Volume Coplanar Grid

CdZnTe Detector”

16:30   Buses Depart for Toledo Guided Visit and Dinner


Friday 25 November 2011

Session 6 Chair: Jan-Uwe Ness

09:30-09:45     Oliver Jennrich: “Listening for NEOs”

09:45-10:00     Morten Andersen: “Low-Mass Stars in Westerlund 1, the Most

Massive Young Galactic Star Cluster Known in the Galaxy”

10:00-10:15     Pedro Garcia-Lario: “Fullerenes Everywhere! Complex Carbonaceous

Compounds around Dying Stars”

10:15-10:30     Michael Kueppers: “The Central Crater Region on (21) Lutetia”

10:30-10:45     Mark Kidger: “Herschel´s Quest to Find the Ghost of Comet Elenin”

10:45-11:00     Benne Holwerda: ”New Herschel Multi-Wavelength Extragalactic

Survey of Edge-on Spirals (NHEMESES)”

11:00-11:15     Davide Gandolfi: “Doppler Tomography of Transiting Exoplanets: A

Prograde, Low-Inclined Orbit for the Hot-Jupiter CoRoT-11b”

11:15-11:30     Bruno Merin: “Spitzer Results on Disk Evolution: Matching Stellar

Properties of Disks and Exoplanet Hosts”

11:30-12:00    Coffee Break

Session 7 Chair: Dmitriy Titov

12:00-12:15     Jan-Uwe Ness: “Effect of Viewing Angle on Super-Soft-Source X-Ray


12:15-12:30     Stephan Birkmann: “Resolving the Inner Regions of Circumstellar

Disks with VLT/NACO Polarimetric Differential Imaging”

12:30-12:45     Jan Soucek: “Multi-Spacecraft Analysis of Large Scale Plasma

Variations within Earth's Magnetosheath”

12:45-13:00     Angels Arans: “Developing a New Model for Peak Intensity and

Fluence Predictions of Solar Energetic Proton Events within 1.6 AU”

13:00-13:15     Nicolas Altobelli: “From Data to Equations: Inferring the Laws Governing Saturn's Ring Temperature with Cassini-CIRS”

13:15-13:30     Larry O’Rourke: “Herschel Observation of OSIRIS-REx Asteroid

Target 1999 RQ36”


13:30-13:45    Concluding Remarks, Wrap-Up and Adjourn


14:00-15:30    Buffet Lunch in Hotel




Poster Programme




1. Arnaud Masson:               “Cluster Multi-Point Look at Density Cavities in the

Auroral Acceleration Region”

2. David Teyssier:                  “The Horsehead Nebula as Seen by Herschel”

3. Marion Cadolle:                “Polarized Gamma-Ray Emission from the Galactic

Black Hole Cygnus X-1”

4. Jos De Bruijne:                  “Gaia's View of Open Clusters: A Case Study of R136 in the Large Magellanic Cloud”

5. Celia Sanchez:                   “The JEM-X Catalogue of Galactic X-ray Bursters”

6. Stefania Carpano:             “Transiting Exoplanets from the CoRoT Mission: Status of the Detection of Candidates and Confirmed Planets”

7. Alcione Mora:                    “Gaia Young Stars Spectroscopic Library”

8. Arianna Piccialli:               “Limb Observations of CO2 non-LTE Emission in Mars

Atmosphere by OMEGA/MEX”

9. Olivier Witasse:                 “Interdisciplinary Study of the Methane on Mars”

10. Albrecht Schmidt:           “Extraction and Classification of Spectra”

11. Ricardo Perez Martinez:“Star Forming Galaxies vs AGNs in Galaxy Cluster


12. Dmitriy Titov:                  “Cloud Morphology and Dynamics of the Venus


13. Anna Lia Longinotti:      “Hidden Warm Absorber in the Seyfert 1 Mrk 335: A

High-Velocity Ionised Wind Uncovered by XMM-Newton and Swift”

14. Deborah Baines:              “Science with the VO: Spectroscopic Studies of Herbig Ae/Be Stars”

15. Anamarija Stankov:       “High Time-Resolution Observations of the Flare Star

EQ Pegasi - Preliminary Results”

16. Rene Laureijs:                 “The balloon-Borne Far-Infrared Polarisation Mapping

Experiment PILOT”

17. David Heather:                “Automated Crater Detection in Mars Express HRSC


18. Miguel Almeida:              “Pattern Recognition for the Creation of Synthetic Flat


19. Alejandro Cardesin:       “Science Opportunity Analysis and Observation

Geometry for Solar System Operations and Science


20. Alvaro Ribas:                  “Infrared Excess in Systems with Transiting Planets:

Evidence of Planetesimals Collisions?”

21. Joe Zender:                      “PROBA2: Two Years in Orbit”

22. Jonathan McAuliffe:      “2011 Draconid Observation Campaign: Predictions,

Observations, Results”

23. Laurence O'Rourke:       “Herschel Observations of (21) Lutetia around the

Rosetta Flyby”

24. Hakan Svedhem:             “An Instrument for the Detection of Fast Transient Phenomena in Planetary Atmospheres: SPOSH-IR”

25. Tomasz Klos:                   "Cleaning Double Star Magnetic Field Data"


     Copyright © 2016 European Space Agency. All rights reserved.
This page was first created on 5 September, 2011 and was last updated on 22 November, 2011.
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