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Policy on RSSD Computer Availability

The RSSD Computers are maintained on a standard 40 hours and 5 days per week basis.

All efforts are made to minimize interruptions during working days, and serious upgrades are made out-of-hours whenever possible. Service within normal working hours will be maintained to the best of our ability. However, not all items are under the control of RSSD staff e.g.

  • Power Interrupts
  • Networks
  • External Storage Server crashes
  • Telephone failures
  • Holidays
  • Illness
  • Natural Disaster
  • War etc.

Notably, weekends are a prime time for service of the ESTEC infrastructure and interruptions are frequent. If you have a specific requirement for weekend work, tell Gunther Thorner in advance and things may be done to avoid inconvenience.

RSSD staff members do NOT have access to the 'Wiring Closet' or to ESTEC networking infrastructure, so if things go wrong for you on the weekend it makes little sense to call people at home.

Thus, if your project is urgent and you intend to work out of hours, check with Gunther Thorner in advance to see if servicing activities are planned. If so, ask Gunther to see if the impact of these on your work can be minimized.

Beyond that, there will always remain a finite risk that machines will go down on a weekend, so plan your work accordingly.

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