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AKARI Data Reduction Workshop
for European Open Time users

ESAC, Villafranca, Madrid, Spain
18-19 September 2007

The AKARI ESA User Support Team will hold a hands-on data reduction workshop for the European Open Time holders, with the participation of AKARI experts from Japan. The workshop will include:

    • Overview of data processing toolkits
    • Data reduction demonstrations
    • Q&A sessions with data processing toolkits experts
    • Hands-on processing of own data sets

A computer will be available for each participant with pre-installed data reduction pipelines. Users are advised however to bring their own laptop with installed data reduction software, for convenience.


The workshop will be held at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) situated at Villafranca del Castillo near Madrid (Spain). Maps and driving directions to ESAC from Madrid airport (Barajas) and from Madrid (City Centre) can be found here.


The workshop Agenda can be found here . There will be up to three parallel sessions to maximise the workshop return. Participants are kindly advised to attend the sessions as indicated, so as to cover the observation modes (AOTs) used in their programme.



The list of participants can be found here .

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