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ASTRO-F European Users Support Newsletter #5

ASTRO-F assigned launch date of 18 February 2006

ESAC, 12 December 2005

Dear ASTRO-F user,

ISAS/JAXA has announced that ASTRO-F has been given the official launch date of 18 February 2006.

At the Space Activities Commission Meeting on 7 December, it was acknowledged that ASTRO-F would
be launched by the M-V8 rocket on 18 February 2006 from the Kagoshima launch site. The launch
window closes on 28 February.

During this Winter season, two other satellites are scheduled to be launched by JAXA: the Advanced
Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) on 19 January and the Multi-Functional Transport Satellite 2
(MTSAT-2) on 15 February. These launches will be made with H-IIA rockets from JAXA's additional
launch site (Tanegashima). The ASTRO-F and M-V project teams will be ready to launch ASTRO-F as
early as 16 February should the schedule with these other launches be modified.

ASTRO-F User Support team

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