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ASTRO-F European Users Support Newsletter #2

Special Edition for Open Time Proposals

ESAC, 9 November 2005

Dear ASTRO-F Open Time Observers,

This is a special edition of the ASTRO-F Newsletter for Open Time
Observers to inform you of the most up-to-date status of our user

1. Deadline is just 9 days away!!!

The Deadline of the Open Time Proposals is
November 18, 2005 (Fri) 9:00 (UT)
(18:00 of the same day in Japan and Korea)

There is a risk that too many simultaneous connections to the
submission system just before the deadline will slow down the
server or cause unexpected trouble. Please submit your proposal
as early as possible!!!

2. Observer's Manual ver. 3.1

The ASTRO-F Observer's Manual has been updated on Nov. 9th to
version 3.1. There are a few things that are relevant for Open
Time observation planning.

* The Visibility Map (Figure 3.4.3) has been replaced with
a new version that is consistent with the updated Open Time
visibility Tool (see below).

* The saturation limits for FTS (FIS03) mode (Table 4.4.16)
have been updated. The level for SW channel becomes higher
(wider dynamic range).

* The Worked examples (Appendix B) have been updated to be
consistent with the latest versions of tools.

In addition numerous typos have been corrected.

3. Tools Updates

* Visibility Tool
We are sorry to report that there were a few bugs in the
Open Time Visibility tool and the results were not correct.
The system has been updated Nov. 7th. Please run the tool again
as necessary.

* Instrument Performance Tool
The Tool has been updated according to the revision of FIS03
saturation level.

* Duplication Check Tool
The tool had a problem to save the result into a file.
The problem has been solved.

* iris_sky version 1.5
This minor update enables more stable image display in logarithmic
scale when data contains negative value. It also now allows to
specify only valid combinations of grism/prism and slit positions
in AOT IRC04 (Spectroscopic mode).

4. Other issues

* A "Proposal Submission Guidelines" page has been posted on the
Call for Proposals page:

* The Proposal Submission Tool now clearly specifies the proposal
page limits for the various sections. For the ESA Call, an
updated latex template is provided. Its use is mandatory for
European proposals.

- Scientific Justification : up to 3 pages
- Technical Feasibility : up to 1 page
- Figure and Tables: up to 2 pages

5. ESAC Helpdesk contact address changed

Please send your query via the Web interface rather than e-mail:

We are looking forward to see your proposals!
ASTRO-F User Support team

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