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Observing opportunities for European Users with ASTRO-F: Call for Letter of Intent

 Dear Colleague,

This mail is to inform you of upcoming observing opportunities with
JAXA's ASTRO-F infrared sky survey satellite.
 The "Observers' Fact-sheet " gives a concise summary of the relevant information.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you should return
a brief "Letter of Intent" to ESA before 31 May 2005.

ASTRO-F is a Japanese infrared all-sky survey mission, scheduled for
launch in January-February 2006 and with a foreseen operational
lifetime of at least 1.5 years. In addition to the sky survey, part
of the mission will be dedicated to pointed observations of specific
astronomical targets. ASTRO-F has the capability for imaging and
spectroscopy in 13 infrared bands from 2 to 180 microns. Resulting from
ESA's participation in the mission, individuals and teams from institutes
in ESA Member States may submit observing proposals for pointed observations
in ASTRO-F's European Open Time programme (*). Further details on the
ASTRO-F mission and the observing opportunities offered to European
astronomers can be found at the ESA site:

To enable ESA to gauge the interest in ASTRO-F observing opportunities
(and, consequently, size the facilities needed), likely proposers are
asked to send a brief "Letter of Intent" to the ESA Project Scientist
at '' before 31 May 2005. The suggested format for
this Letter is provided at the end of this mail.

Current planning foresees issue of the 'Call for Observing Proposals'
on 1 September 2005, with proposals being due two months thereafter.
Proposals will be peer-reviewed by a European Time Allocation Committee,
and then merged with those resulting from the parallel Japanese Call.

Please note this is the last information on ASTRO-F sent to the ISO
Data Archive users list. If you want to have your name added to our
ASTRO-F mailing list for any future correspondence, please send a
blank e-mail to, with "subscribe" in the
subject field.

(*): Interested scientists outside Europe are encouraged to collaborate
with PI's from ESA member state institutions.

Best regards,

Alberto Salama
ESA's ASTRO-F Project Scientist
European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
Villafranca, Madrid, Spain

Letter of Intent - Format

Proposer Information:


Proposal Information (Repeat per foreseen proposal):

Scientific Category:
One of the following: Solar System OR Interstellar Matter OR
Stellar/Circumstellar Physics OR Extragalactic Systems OR Cosmology.

Title (preliminary):



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