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Common Star Names

This table gives this Hipparcos identifier (HIP) for some of the common star names. The source for this table is Table ID6-1 from Volume 13 of The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues.

Common Star Names
Common NameHIP numberCommon NameHIP number
Acamar 13847Groombridge 183057939
Achernar 7588Hadar 68702
Acrux 60718Hamal 9884
Adhara 33579Izar 72105
Agena 68702Kapteyn's star 24186
Albireo 95947Kaus Australis 90185
Alcor 65477Kocab 72607
Alcyone 17702Kruger 60 110893
Aldebaran 21421Luyten's star 36208
Alderamin 105199Markab 113963
Algenib 1067Megrez 59774
Algieba 50583Menkar 14135
Algol 14576Merak 53910
Alhena 31681Mintaka 25930
Alioth 62956Mira 10826
Alkaid 67301Mirach 5447
Almaak 9640Mirphak 15863
Alnair 109268Mizar 65378
Alnath 25428Nihal 25606
Alnilam 26311Nunki 92855
Alnitak 26727Phad 58001
Alphard 46390Pleione 17851
Alphekka 76267Polaris 11767
Alpheratz 677Pollux 37826
Alshain 98036Procyon 37279
Altair 97649Proxima 70890
Ankaa 2081Rasalgethi 84345
Antares 80763Rasalhague 86032
Arcturus 69673Red Rectangle 30089
Arneb 25985Regulus 49669
Babcock's star 112247Rigel 24436
Barnard's star 87937Rigil Kent 71683
Bellatrix 25336Sadalmelik 109074
Betelgeuse 27989Saiph 27366
Campbell's star96295Scheat 113881
Canopus 30438Shaula 85927
Capella 24608Shedir 3179
Caph 746Sheliak 92420
Castor 36850Sirius 32349
Cor Caroli 63125Spica 65474
Cyg X-1 98298Tarazed 97278
Deneb 102098Thuban 68756
Denebola 57632Unukalhai 77070
Diphda 3419Van Maanen 2 3829
Dubhe 54061Vega 91262
Enif 107315Vindemiatrix 63608
Etamin 87833Zaurak 18543
Fomalhaut 1133683C 273 60936

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