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3d Stereo Images:
[November 1999]
Three-dimensional stereo images have been constructed for some selected regions of the sky. The images are created using data from the Hipparcos Catalogue; relative distances are calculated from the Hipparcos parallax values, and the star colours are derived from the V magnitude and B-V colour indices from the Catalogue. The images can be viewed on-screen or printed and viewed on paper. Further details and the 3d images are available here.

Stereo Images:
Prior to the Hipparcos mission, numerous celestial mapping programmes have been carried out, all of these concentrating on the two-dimensional coordinates of the stars. Now, for the first time, the extremely accurate positions, motions and stellar distances obtained from the Hipparcos data have yielded an accurate reflection of the true stellar 3-dimensional distribution in space. ESA Bulletin 77 featured an article with stereo images illustrating these results using preliminary data from the mission.

Selected Statistics:
The statistical properties of the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues are given in Part 3 of Volume 1 of the 17-volume printed catalogue (Introduction and Guide to the Data). (Note that this Volume is also available online.) They are also available in pdf format on ASCII CD-ROM number 6 (contained in Volume 17). A selection of these statistics are given here, including astrometric accuracies for the various parameters on the celestial sphere, as well as different Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams derived from the data.

Hipparcos Photographs:
Several photographs of the Hipparcos satellite in testing facilities and at launch are available.

The Hyades Movie:
An mpeg movie, illustrating the 3-d structure of the Hyades cluster, has been created by Dr Anthony Brown of the Sterrewacht, Leiden, in connection with a paper on the Hyades cluster accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics (by M.A.C. Perryman and collaborators), 17 July 1997. This is the first time that the three-dimensional spatial structure of a cluster has been determined reliably.

The Hipparcos Poster: Hipparcos pinpoints the stars
A popular exposition of some of the goals of Hipparcos, based on the poster: Hipparcos pinpoints the stars is reproduced here. Copies of the original 90 x 60 cm poster (with text in English and French) can be obtained on request from: The Public Relations Office, ESTEC, Noordwijk 2200AG, The Netherlands.

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Updated on: August 29, 2000
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